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Sep 18, 2006 11:48 PM

Yuma oldies

I'm planning a trip that will pass through town and I'm wondering about the status of some old haunts:
- a coffee shop (former Denny's) on 4th Ave (near 21st?) served a fabulous locally made German style sausage
- a divey breakfast/lunch joint at about 1st Ave and 21st St (I think)
- a bar/'restaurant' about 10 mi. north on Hwy 95 (where the Gila River passes through) served great deep fried turkey 'balls'.
Sorry I can't remember the names, its been ~15 years...
btw to phoo_d and kirkk - great posts on taco trucks, guess I won't bother with Chretins.

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  1. I'm not going to be much help as I was just a visitor back 15 years ago, but I'm not certain about most of the places you reference.

    Chretins is still around, but no longer owned by the original family.

    The sausage in question is a Kamman's sausage. I believe they are available several places. There is a new breakfast house near the 16th Ave exit that advertizes that they have them.

    I think the divey place you mention is the Mad Greek - that's about where it is. But the original owner sold it, and reports are that it has declined. The original owner now owns Happy Chef, which is probably worth seeking out for breakfasts and American style lunches.

    There are still several breakfast places along 4th Ave. JB's (which I believe is small chain) is about at the location. I don't believe it is any better than the others along the street.

    For other Yuma advice, be sure to search these boards. I posted a bunch of recs within the last year (under one of my old handles, either Phoo D or e.d.)

    Good luck - good eating.