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Question concerning Jacob Wirth's

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Some friends and I are going to see a Friday 10 PM show at the Wang Center in a few weeks. How busy is Jacob Wirth's on Fridays? My friends and I are tempted to try it out, but if it's super busy we don't want to risk missing our show (Jon Stewart! Woo hoo!)

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  1. Friday night is singalong night (to live piano, 8p-12a), so it can get busy. But it's a big place, too. I prefer the American side of the menu. Great beer selection, cool 19th-century atmosphere. If you've got six people, you can reserve a table.

    1. You should report back on the show as well as the meal!

      1. So would getting there at 8-ish be okay for the show or should I try a little earlier?

        I will certainly report back on both!

        1. 8:00 should be fine. I've gotten there many times between 8 and 9 on a Friday, with no problems. It is indeed a huge place, so there's almost always room there. But if you want to be close to the moody yet hilarious piano guy for the singalong, that might be a bit tougher.

          Always a great time there on a Friday night!

          1. If Jacob Wirth's is too busy try the Intermission Tavern around the corner. Actually, the Intermission would be my first choice, as I'm not a huge fan of Wirth's. I wish they still offered the German menu they had years ago instead of the forever present buffalo chicken!

            1. Busy? Are we talking about Jacob Wirth near the Theater District in Chinatown? I ask this because the last couple of times that I have been there (Fridays and Saturdays no less) the place has been desolate. There was nobody in there, and this was at 7:30! Since I have an unwritten rule (which I guess is now written) about not eating at empty restaurants we left. I have to admit that I found this odd as there first couple of times that I ate there the wait was long and the bar was packed. Is this place seasonable? It seems that it is busier in the winter than the summer. Could that be the reason that I have found the discrepancy?

              Anyway, I have had good meals there and I have had bad meals there. I always love the beer list. Just get weirded out by the lack of a crowd.