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Sep 18, 2006 11:46 PM

Question concerning Jacob Wirth's

Some friends and I are going to see a Friday 10 PM show at the Wang Center in a few weeks. How busy is Jacob Wirth's on Fridays? My friends and I are tempted to try it out, but if it's super busy we don't want to risk missing our show (Jon Stewart! Woo hoo!)

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  1. Friday night is singalong night (to live piano, 8p-12a), so it can get busy. But it's a big place, too. I prefer the American side of the menu. Great beer selection, cool 19th-century atmosphere. If you've got six people, you can reserve a table.

    1. You should report back on the show as well as the meal!

      1. So would getting there at 8-ish be okay for the show or should I try a little earlier?

        I will certainly report back on both!

        1. 8:00 should be fine. I've gotten there many times between 8 and 9 on a Friday, with no problems. It is indeed a huge place, so there's almost always room there. But if you want to be close to the moody yet hilarious piano guy for the singalong, that might be a bit tougher.

          Always a great time there on a Friday night!

          1. If Jacob Wirth's is too busy try the Intermission Tavern around the corner. Actually, the Intermission would be my first choice, as I'm not a huge fan of Wirth's. I wish they still offered the German menu they had years ago instead of the forever present buffalo chicken!