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Chow Worthy Weekend Lunch Spot in Las Vegas?

I need some help here. Many of the chowhound finds (Rosemarys) are not open for weekend lunch. I'm staying at the Venetian and I'm looking for a lunch spot for a big birthday celebration. Already have reservations for LOS for Sunday night and plan to go for breakfast at Bouchon. A couple of questions:

- need a recommendation for a weekend birthdday lunch
- need some feedback re whether it is worth going off strip 2x for dinner. Plan to go to LOS one night and I'm considering going to Rosemarys the other.

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. For special occasions, I like Cili. It's a beautiful setting and the food is good, too.
    Have fun!

    1. Would nominate Commander's Palace and the mini-tasting menu that is only $18.80 during lunch. ... The 25-cent martinis are a nice bonus as well.

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        Yeah rub it in. I was so looking forward to the 25 cent martinis but I won'd be there on a week day!

      2. Oh sorry ... Just noticed the "weekend" lunch and I promoted weekday fare.

        1. Absolutely go off strip for your 2 dinners. LOS and Rosemary's will be 2 of the best evenings ever.

          As for your special weekend lunch, Mon Ami Gabi?

          1. Mon Ami Gabi is a great lunch spot! We took some friends there and had a great time, very yummy! Bouchon has a nice lunch as well at the Venetian.



            1. I'd second the nominations of Commander's Palace and Mon Ami Gabi. I love Bouchon for breakfast, but my husband and I thought they really fell down at dinner.

              Another consideration is Emeril's Fish House, especially for lunch - I'd recommend going there for lunch over dinner. They have an incredible butter lettuce sashimi tuna roll-up. The sauce with which it is served makes this dish rise OFF THE CHARTS! And, it's only available at lunch. Also at lunch only, their shrimp po boy is excellent. There are two breads they serve fresh - one of which is a spicy corn bread. Fantastic. And you CAN NOT LEAVE without having the banana cream pie, even if that isn't your favorite kind of dessert. You MUST have it there - it is the definitive banana cream pie. Insane.

              Good wine list, friendly service, nice decor. There's a huge fish outside the restaurant that streams water from one side of the entrance to the other.

              I hope you go! Enjoy, and report back, please!

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                If you go to Emeril's, in addition to the great suggestions, I put a vote in for the barbequed shrimp appetizer. Killer!!

                I agree that Bouchon is better for bkfst and lunch. Stayed at the Venetian last year and went there every day for bkfst and a few lunches. Great food, staff, ambiance. Dinner apps are ok, but entrees are weak... and you don't get the nice daylight that adds quite a bit to the ambiance. When the weather is nice, the outdoor terrace is the place to be.

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                  Of it has taken me a while to report back in but here are the details of the trip:

                  Birthday Lunch at Delmonico. 30 of us booked their private wine room and I have to say I have not ever had better service. We pre ordered wine and ordered off their regular lunch menu. The food was great, staff was outstanding and it was an all around great experience. We brought in a cake from Freeds and they did a great custom job with a 57 cadillac on the cake.

                  Dinner Celebration at Lotus of Siam
                  30 of use also went to Lotus. Like the previous posts, the food was fantastic. While we preordered a number of dishes as suggested by Dave, I asked her to serve us anything they thought was fresh and made sense for the group. We had lobster that was to die for. I caught myself licking the claws (wonderful salty garlic taste) several times. Everyone agreed it was the best meal of the trip.

                  Bouchon Breakfast
                  Ate breakfast at Bouchon several times. 2 times with my husband and 2 kids and once with the whole group of 30. Defintely a better experience with the smaller group. I felt they were overwhelmed by 30 and had real difficulty coordinating the brunch. While the breakfast was above average, I've had not cravings to return for anything specific. They blueberry preserves and bageutte were good but nothing else stands out and I had quite of few items.

                  Thanks to everyone who posted. The trip and celebration would not have been the same without your input. Send me an email if you are ever coming to Toronto.