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Sep 18, 2006 11:20 PM

Help! Need quick ideas for tonight, probably in San Jose/Convention area/Santa Clara or Saratoga even

Don't have to necessarily stay close to Convention Center
but just found out that brother-in-law is flying up & tonight might be our only opportunity to go out with him.

We think he's staying at Marriott downtown.
Probably doing dinners other nights w/work group.

Any cool places close-by? (to save on the hassle factor?)

We are vegetarians, but occasionally will do seafood.
I guess there is a Scott's downtown somewhere.
Any good?

I vaguely recall eating at some place w/brick walls downtown that was nice, but simple.
Also maybe ate at De Anza hotel years ago,
at a pasta place.

Any other suggestions? I thought I once saw a cute French place downtown? (casual/cute)
Any great Indian that's not too plain inside?

My only other familiarity w/SouthBay dining is in Saratoga,
which might be too hard to take him too. I think he doesn't land 'til 6:30. So probably eating at 8pm.

Not sure if La Fondue open on Mondays, nor if you can just get cheese/dessert or not. Otherwise, too much of a night out I think for a worknight! ;-) There is also Bella Saratoga?
Is it worthwhile? Have never been. Thanks so much for any quick ideas you could send to a mid-Peninsula gal who just doesn't know current eating places in San Jose.

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  1. I've been to the Italian place at the DeAnza about 5 years ago. I don't remember much but I recall it was good, no weirdness, nice place as you'd expect from a boutique/biz hotel. The food quality as I recall was something like a good neighborhood place -- not mind blowing but no was disappointed. Does that sound about right?

    The only other things I can I can think of in downtown SJ is Original Joe's an old school Italian in a sort of low slung '60s decor. I like it.

    1. My favorite place in downtown San Jose is Vung Tau -- great Vietnamese food and a very nice atmosphere. They should have lots of veggie and seafood options for you, and they even have parking. If you do a search, you should find lots of posts about it.

      535 E Santa Clara St
      (408) 288-9055

      1. The Garage is really good. Some Veg options, great salads (entree sized) and excellant pan fried trout. Their bread pudding is the best I've ever had. Slightly far walk and through SJSU...I like to walk but it might be easier to drive.
        505 E San Carlos St
        San Jose, CA 95112
        (408) 286-1100

        71 St. Peter at San Pedro Square is very solid w/ an excellant wine list. I loved their crab and lobser. Probably close enough to walk.

        AP Stumps on Santa Clara is high end...upscale bar. Haven't eaten there in years but remember their seafood being quiet good.

        Have fun!

        1. Thanks so much you guys!
          Have a great start here and reading over older posts now too.

          La Pastai at the De Anza

          71 St. Peter

          and the Vietnamese place all sound good.

          Will have to read more about the Garage & others. :-)
          I wonder if Scott's or McCormick's is worthwhile anymore
          or ever were? I've only done Scott's elsewhere.
          Thanks again!