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I was thinking about taking my hubby to Madres in Pasadena (he loves Jennifer Lopez and really wants to go there), but I read in one of the topics of the worst places in L.A. that its not that good.
What is your guy's opinion?

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  1. It's "eh.." I mean, a touristy place, great if he likes JLO, but not for the food. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go for drinks - they have a nice bar, with cute bartender to boot. Or, you could lounge next to the fireplace.

    The setting is like an English cottage with English teacups/plates they take away once they serve the fancy, pretty-plated Cuban food. Sometimes, they'll have men playing the cello, violin and walking around playing requested songs.

    Yup, if he really really wants to go, just get a drink and the tres leches dessert - which is actually really rich.

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      English cottage setting, WOW!!!! I will let him know. thanks

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            ;-) Thank you - I needed a laugh!

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              I am having 2nd thoughts about taking him there...LOL!!!

    2. The first time I was there, everything was great! Really good mojitos, interesting dishes, food well prepared. Terrific service. The last time I was there, I think the chef was having some sort of ongoing fight with the sommelier, and the menu choices were pared way down, the food quality not so good, service was still pretty good. That may have been around the time when JLO fired her ex who was manager there. Have not been back since. Maybe they fixed whatever kinks they were going through--but maybe not.

      1. It's very feminine. The kind of place that a husband would take his wife to not vice versa.

        1. the chicken's not bad. good drinks. my husband doesn't mind the shabby chicness. i wouldn't call it a chick place.

          1. I remember seeing a show on the style network about Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic fame actually designing the place, shopping the antique malls for the mix n max china and creating the overall ambience. I also thought it was JLO's father that was running the restaurant and that she opened the place for him as cuban food was his passion. Maybe things changed.

            1. Unfortunately for your husband, it is unlikely that he will have a JLO siting and it's not as though there are any photographs or "JLO paraphernalia" to be found in the place. She's an absentee owner - beyond that, nothing about the place screams "JLO". The food - well you could do far better just about anywhere else if cuban food is what you're after. The decor - lovely, if you're out to lunch with mom or the girls. I have been many times and never considered it disastrous, but just no big deal. If your husband is die hard fan, he might just want to be able to say "I have been". And that's OK too.

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                  Well her whole point was that her husband is Jennifer Lopez fan.

                2. Was just there with a party of 10. Nothing to write home about. The decor was all white. The food was good but nothing really stood out as an outstanding dish. I wouldn't make a 2nd trip back but would go if a friend really wanted to try it out.

                  1. I have only been once, but had a good experience.

                    First did drinks and apps by the fireplace. Those were very good from what I can remember.

                    The dinner was hit and miss. I'd check the boards for what's good, or ask the waiter what most people order. But it's was worth trying out and wouldn't be a bad place to go.