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Sep 18, 2006 11:02 PM

Lumpia Factory Chandler (PHX)

During a weekend of power shopping I noticed that a Philippine Lumpia Factory has opened in Chandler (SWC – of Alma School and Elliott). I saw it from afar in the parking lot, but their signage lead me to believe it is “all lumpia, all the time”. Has anyone been? Comments?


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  1. As a big fan of lumpia and I live at the Lakes in Tempe, I will head over there sometime this week and report back. I'm so excited - thanks.

    1. I made it over to the Lumpia Factory late yesterday afternoon to check it out after seeing Bazel's post on Monday. It's a small place with seating for about 10. The interior is standard bright white walls with minimal decoration. Besides Filipino food they sell ice cream and a variety of bobas. There were stacks of magazines on a counter to look over while waiting for your food. Unfortunately they were out of printed menus so I cannot report on all of their offerings.

      They offer three types of lumpia: beef, pork and vegetable and they come four in an order for $1.99. Since it was my first visit, I ordered each variety so we could compare the flavors. I also ordered pancit (a noodle dish with vegetables and chicken for $4.99) and chicken adobo, w/white rice ($4.99). I ordered at the counter, paid the $17.24 tab and grabbed a magazine. There were two tables occupied with two teenage boys and two teen girls. After about 10 min. a woman brought each of them different bobas and then they all got plates with two lumpia and what appeared to be a large bao. They dove right in and I overheard them talking about how good the food was. I wasn't familiar with the "bao" but I saw it listed on the menu as being filled with either pork or chicken (the name escapes me now).

      After I'd been there about 10 min. a woman I gathered was the cook (and possible owner) came out to check on the kids and said hello to me. After about 15 minutes, the man who took my order brought me my order so off I went to home in Tempe. My husband was very excited when I opened the secret containers since he's also a fan of Filipino food. I spent two weeks in Manila in 1980 but he's never been. We have a very good friend who is a Filipina and she often cooks for us when we're together. Anyhow, the trip home was about 5 miles so the very hot lumpia had cooled to the perfect temp when I opened all the styrofoam containers. We each tasted a pork with their sweet/sour sauce and it was great. The wrapper & contents were excellent. I had to open my bottle of store bought sweet/sour sauce as I prefer it if only from familiarity.

      I saved the rest for several hours and reheated the lumpia in the oven and microwaved the main dishes. The chicken adobo was very tasty with tender chunks of chicken, on the bone and pieces of potato in the vinegar sauce. I'm a huge fan of pancit because of the textures and lightness. We both agreed that the vegetable lumpia were the favorite of the three. We had a great picnic on one of our lake decks with a nice bottle of wine. It's great to be living in AZ again and I know we'll be going to the Lumpia Factory often.

      Thank you Bazel!

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        was in the mood for some filipino breakfast this weekend. I haven't been to Lumpia Factory in a long time and sad to see it has closed down.

      2. what's the phone number of lumpia factory? please reply.



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        1. re: miriamdijamco

          A quick Google search reveals...

          2986 N Alma School Rd
          Chandler, AZ 85224
          (480) 855-6757

        2. I just got back from the Lumpia Factory. We shared pork lumpia, vegetable lumpia, and a steamed pork bao (not called a bao, but I can't recall the filipino name). The lumpia were all quite good, but we favored the pork. The steamed bun was delightfully doughy and chewy, with tasty pork in a gravy inside. All this, plus two bottles of water, was under $8. A great deal.

          Thanks to my fellow chowhounds for leading me to this place. I'm always looking to satisfy my lumpia craving, instilled by a Filipina aunt.

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            i believe it's bao or siopao in chinese. in the philipines, it's also siopao. in hawaii-it's manapua.
            whichever way you call it, it's good!