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Sep 18, 2006 10:35 PM

What kind of sauce for lobster ravioli?

An Italian grocery store near me sells fresh made lobster ravioli, but I never buy them because I don't want to put my regular tomato sauce on them because I think it would overpower the delicate lobster flavor.

What kind of sauce would you recommend and do you have a recipe?

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  1. How about just a browned butter sauce?

    1. Vodka sauce (and I'll use the COSTCO one as it's really quite good).


      1. I think I would use a delicate broth lightly seasoned with maybe tarragon and lemon? Both of those flavors work wonderfully with lobster.

        1. Ask them if they'll sell you the legs and carcasses from the lobsters (assuming the claw and tail meat goes into the ravioil?). Make a stock and then a sherry cream sauce with these things thusly:

          Saute onion and celery together in some olive oil. Add the lobster parts and saute until they are red and fragrant. Pour in some sherry to deglaze. Add some low-salt chicken broth and simmer for about an hour with a bay leaf, some sage, and a few whole peppercorns. Strain. In the original pan, saute some shallots and some prosciutto in butter. Add the lobster stock, an equal part cream, then whisk in a dab of tomato paste and a beurre manier (butter and flour in equal parts--about a tbs each) and reduce to about 2/3 the original volume. Salt to taste. Add some freshly chopped parsley and sage.

          I usually end up with about a quart of stock, use a cup or two of it for a sauce immediately and freeze the rest for a chowder or shrimp and grits etc. Depends on how many people you are feeding.

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            Oh to hell with COSTCO, I'm using that!


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              Do you have a list of quantities for this? Sounds very good, but not sure how much it makes or how much i need

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                Oh, my God! That sauce sounds soo good. Heck, I'd enjoy it on piece of corrugated cardboard. Adding it to lobster ravioli is gilding the lily, really, but it sounds like a decadently delicious dish.

                I would mellow a little garlic and add it to a cream sauce. Finish with a little diced, salted, drained tomato. Pass the peppermill.

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                  Reviving this thread to say that this sauce was outstanding. I used shrimp shells I had in the freezer. Great idea, thank you!

                2. I would use simple brown butter as JessWil proffered.