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Sep 18, 2006 10:21 PM

Best Lobster in Town


I have seen a lot of Best Seafood but I realized after looking at the menus some didn't have what I was really looking for. I have a birthday dinner that I have to plan soon. I know the birthday girl's main course will be Lobster. That leads me to the question of. Where can you get the best lobster in town? I realize this might not come cheap. Would like any suggestions on this topic.


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  1. "Best" always depends on the reviewer but for something different, the signature dish at Ten Penh is Smoked Lobster. It is also on the menu at DC Coast [same owner] where I ate it. I like the ambiance at DC Coast at bit better but I'd rate both restaurants the same.

    1. What town? And do you mean steamed whole lobster, or something else?

      1. Thanks for the comments already.

        DC, Alexandria and Arlington Areas are perfered. Steamed whole lobster, is what I am looking for. If someone knows of a place with a dish featuring lobster, that is not whole that would be good as well.

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          Whenever I want a whole, steamed lobster, I head to The Palm. It's noisy (really noisy), but the food is good, and I think they do lobster better than any of the other folks in town. You can find a better steak, yes, but a better lobster? Doubtful. Throw in good sides and starters, and a general feeling of importance about the place, and you have a pretty nice night out.

        2. Not necessarily the best but happen to be running a special right now is the Clydes chain. 17.95 for a single. I think 28.95 for double. I like the new one in Gallery Place.

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            I checked out the steamed lobster special at Clydes' Mark Center (Alexandria) location and was pleasantly surprised by how tender and sweet their lobsters were. The cole slaw and fries served with it were nothing special, but the lobster itself was very tasty.

          2. My all time favorite is at Gerard's Place downtown. Whole wood grilled lobster (served cracked and opened)with citrus butter. It's heavenly.