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Sep 18, 2006 10:14 PM

Quiet restaurant in Oakland/Berkeley for birthday with elderly parents?

Hi: I'm taking my elderly parents out for mom's birthday, and I'm looking for something in Oakland or Berkeley that's not too expensive (most entrees under $20) and that's quiet, as mom's hard of hearing.

Any thoughts? The only places I can come up with are noisy. Ethnic possible, but not optimal.

Many thanks!


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  1. Soizic in Oakland would work. I took my elderly dad and his gf there, same issues (bad hearing, no ethnic food), and they loved it. It's not noisy, and the food is tasty. I think it's in the right price range.

    Review from the Chron:

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    1. re: ace

      I agree about Soizic. It's pretty and quiet and has good food. Most entrees are also under 20 bucks.

    2. Zak's, as long as there's not a sporting event at ucb that night.

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      1. re: babette feasts

        My elderly (forgive me, Mom!) parents like Zax a lot. But it can a step above quiet.

        I'd go to Olivia -- quiet, charming, good food, good prices (all entrees $19).

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          My last dinner at Zax was not up to the standards of previous visits. However, I would recommend them over Jojo (I haven't tried Olivia) for four reasons:

          1. full bar, if that matters to the parents. Even if it doesn't, if the table isn't ready it means there is a place to sit down while waiting (or while the kids are parking the car, see number 4 below. At JoJo there is no comfortable place to wait while the kids park the car, and at JoJo they probably will have to go several blocks to do so.)
          2. Tables are better spaced and more comfortable, which might be more of an issue for the elderly.
          3. More varied menu, and somewhat less expensive.
          4. Parking is much easier, with parking almost always available within the block, and a zone for dropping folks off right in front. Even pulling over to drop someone off at JoJo can be challenging...

          I'd say go early to Zax as the best way of avoiding the bulk of the noise, and not after a football game...

      2. Jojo is pretty quiet, and I'm pretty sure within your price range.

        1. I second the joJo suggestion.

          1. Six degrees on Solonao would work very well both in price, food and ambiance.

            If your mom is into Mexican, you might consider Montaros, Also on Solano.