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Shake Shack Burger vs. Corner Bistro Burger

from what people have said these are the 2 best in NYC. If you dont agree I'd like you to tell me what is better. Being that I am not from NYC I was wondering what sets these two burgers apart. About how many ounces is the patty? What type of buns do each use? Are they both cooked on the griddle or do either grill? Which condiments come standard? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Honestly, I think Shake Shack's burger is greasy and tasteless. Never quite understood all the raves. I love Corner Bistro's bacon cheeseburger, but would order it to go, because the service there is kind of ridiculous if you eat in.

    It is grilled.

    Also on my Top 2 is Burger Heaven's Roquefort Burger if you like strong, stinky cheese...I do! They are cooked on a griddle.

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      I'm with you on the Roquefort Buerger @ Burger Heaven! Their relish is the perfect sweet foil to the cheeses' pungency. Mmmmm

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        If you like the roquefort, try the burger at the Spotted Pig--it's pricey but delicious.

      2. SS hands down !!!

        See pic of their delicious burger:


        1. I like them both, but will only go to Corner Bistro after 2am because of the crazy crowds. I try to go to Shake Shack at around 3pm, but still have to wait longer than I’d like.

          If you’re dead-set on these two, knock yourself out but I strongly suggest Molly’s. It’s a small, dark pub on 3rd Ave at 23rd St. with sawdust on the floors and tons of character. I love everything about the place but the standout is the burger. It’s big, juicy, tasty and always cooked just the way I like it.

          I’ve taken at least 6 first-timers to Molly’s and all have added it to their standard rotation.


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            I totally agree with TipsyMcStagger. Both SS and CB are very good but very different. They certainly do make an outstanding burger at Molly's. I take mine medium rare with bacon, cheddar and sometimes crispy onions. It's a lot of burger, but so good you'll want to finish it. I think Paul's would also be in my top 5...still trying to determine the 5th place qualifier though.

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              I'm totally with Tipsy. Both are decent and are appropriate during various times (afternoon / late night, etc.).

              Molly's is fantastic, it reminds me of places I miss like McHales of formally 46th/8th.

            2. I like both. They represent two different beef philosophies. Corner Bistro is a big, delicious meat experience, always in my case accompanied by a Sierra Nevada PA. The Shack Burger is a petite, delightfully greasy burger with special sauce. It's the unpolluted love of beef against the precise perfection of the whole sandwich. A French horn or a four-mallet vibraphone.

              1. Funny, I'm digesting my very first Shake Shack Burger as I write this. I went around 6pm tonight (Monday), and only 5 people were in line ahead of me.
                My overall impression was: mmm...eh. Tasty, nice to look at with a gorgeously golden shellacked bun, but the texture was a bit watery and greasy. I'm not sure if the wateriness was from the tomato, the meat or the sauce, but it was not a pleasant sensation. The size was just right for this girl, but I have to say that In-n-Out burgers are very similar with a more robust flavor and better consistency.

                My main complaint was for the "concrete" - their version of a blizzard. My "Hopscotch" concrete was melted and watery from the moment it was served with GIANT hunks of ScharffenBerger chocolate and toffee bars - so big they didn't fit in my mouth. Not sure if it was intentional but the bittersweet chocolate discs were fully intact, and at 1.5 inches long, that's a mouthful. I pulled about 1/2 dozen of them out and set them aside on my cardboard tray. The consistency wasn't of a milkshake, but of just plain MILK with the candy floating in it. The overall sensation was that of eating an overly-sweet breakfast cereal with hard chunks floating in the sugar-sweetened milk. blech.

                Well, at least I can take that one off my list... but not before I go back for the cheese fries :)

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                  Don't bother. The fries aren't that good.

                2. shake shack, hands down.

                  i went to the corner bistro recently, on an off hour so crowds/waits weren't an issue. i found the burger enormous (like double a shack burger, if not more), undersalted, underflavored, and DRY, DRY, DRY. when i peeked into the kitchen area as i waited for the restroom, i saw the reason--they were pressing and pressing down on all the burgers on the grill, as if to squeeze out every last bit of their juice.

                  was this an abberation? because i must admit, that was enough for me to call it quits for the corner bistro. i adore the shack burgers, and have so many others in the city to try. if you think i should give them another shot, i'd be interested to hear why.

                  1. how many ounces are these burgers?!!??! are both cooked on the griddle?

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                      I don't know what they're cooked on, and I've usually neglected to bring my scale, but the Corner Bistro burger is probably twice the size of the ordinary Shack burger.

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                        I believe the Corner Bistro's burger is 8oz. on a sesame seed bun, while the Shake Shack's burger is 4oz. They serve it on a simple potato bun, which almost "glues" to the meat, which is greasy but also very tasty. Guess it's the fact that they use brisket and sirloin in their patties. However, I'm much fonder of their regular cheeseburger than their Shack burger. The Corner Bistro, of what I've heard, is a massive burger, but juicyness and taste may be lost in all that meat. The two's very different from each other; depends on your personal liking really.

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                          Couldn't agree more with that last sentence. I love both burgers (although if I could only have one burger for the rest of my life, it would be the Shack Burger), but each fills a different need and suits a different mood. There are times when you need a massive, juicy cheeseburger with bacon--and those are the times that the Shake Shack just doesn't cut it. Of course, I'm also willing to bet that I'm not alone when I say that I've only had the Corner Bistro burger while at least slightly inebriated.

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                            "The Corner Bistro, of what I've heard, is a massive burger, but juicyness and taste may be lost in all that meat." Huh? That statement defies logic. Juicyness and taste are born from within all that meat, like thermonuclear reactions in the center of the sun. If you were right, I would have to hold a drill to my head like the guy in Pi...

                            CB till I die! (although SS is pretty tasty too when you like burger with your mayo sauce).

                        2. This is like comparing Domino's Pizza (Shake Shack) to DiFara's (Corner Bistro).

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                              Corner Bistro is more like Famous Rays. I stopped going there cause all they seem to do these days are reheat par-cooked burgers.

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                                LOL!! +1!!! Bistro when good, is really good!! Flight 151 makes a very Molly like burger in chelsea. Didn't Shack Shack get whacked with multiple health code infractions?

                              2. I used to be a big Corner Bistro fan. Excellent burger, great fries (simplicity at its best) but found that depending on when I went there I sometimes got a dry burger vs the normal juicy one. When SS opened, I became a regular-would sneak out for lunch once every 2 weeks or so. After a couple of months of alternating btw the 2 places I completely replaced CB w/SS.
                                They are 2 very different burgers-I don't like sauce/cheese on my burgers so I get to actually taste the meat & for me at least the SS burger tastes better. They sear one side of the burger so you get a kind of drippings that are cooked into the meat flavor that is unique & delicious that you can't really duplicate w/a thicker, fatter burger like CB's. I typically get 2 burgers w/L&T at SS for $7 for lunch-I go once a week now-get there btw 11:15-11:30am-grab a table in the shade & I'm back at the office by 12ish. While I could draft a list of complaints on how the SS is operated-at the end of the day I'm glad Danny Meyer had the foresight to see the demand for this kind of establishment. My 2 cents is if you are a burger lover-try both places & settle in for the one you prefer.

                                1. Shake Shack wins hands down - it's my go to place whenever the spirit and urge moves me. But in second place for me is Veselka's cheddar cheeseburger - maybe the most underrated in town.

                                  1. Bistro, Bistro, Bistro.

                                    If you are looking for an In & Out comparison, Blue 9 is the next best thing and the 2nd best burger after Corner Bistro.

                                    1. I throw in both JG Mellon's and Old Town Tavern - always deliver the goods. Blue 9 is consistently tasteless.

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                                        Blue Tasteless/consistently? don't get it, what keeps you going back? It's nearly identical to In&Out.

                                        1. re: Porkchop Express

                                          If by identical you mean disgustingly trashfilled restaurant and inept service.

                                          1. re: ESNY

                                            I'd like to think I go there for the burgers, if I want service I'll try Per Se.

                                            However,I knew there had to be one person out there who did not like In&Out. . . to each her own.

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                                              I don't need stellar service, but I do want my order taken within 8 minutes of stepping to the register when there are only 2 people in the entire store.

                                              I love In&Out, I just don't think its an apt comparison. Maybe when Blue 9 first opened you could've made the argument, but in my experience its gotten worse and worse.

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                                                Sounds like you had a couple of bad experiences. Personally have never had a problem. Strictly from a burger perspective, it is the closest thing out here. Disagree? If so what is?

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                                                  Blue 9 and Shake Shack both serve burgers similar in style to In 'N Out. There's also reportedly a place in Flushing that does an even closer approximation.

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                                                    What's it called?. Queens might be tough, worth it?

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                                                      Joe's Best Burger
                                                      39-11 Main Street
                                                      Flushing, NY

                                                      I haven't been but general consensus is it's good but not worth a trip from the city. If you're going to schlep out to Flushing, might as well be for Chinese...

                                      2. Just returned from a one week trip to New York. I really enjoy a good burger and I put the Corner Bistro on my list of must stops for my trip.

                                        Maybe my expectations were too high but I did not 'love' my burger at Corner Bistro. The burger was very good (juicy) but didn't have enough seasoning for me. The big downfall for my taste is that the bacon seemed like it had been deep fried and had the texture of a large bacon bit. The fries were small and not very crisp.

                                        I will put the Shake Shake on the list for my next visit to New York.

                                        For now I will have to be satisfied with my L.A. burger favorites (In-n-Out, Fatburger, and Father's Office).

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                                          Honestly, FKA Andrew, I wouldn't waste your time. IMO, the burger options in So Cal are superior. The only place I'd consider recommending in NYC is the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien.

                                        2. I say Shake Shack, no contest. But its all a question of taste...

                                          1. just moved from teh WV to Flatiron....and to say i miss the food is an understatement. SS burger doesn't really do it for me. whatever they call those shakes u have to eat with a spoon are quite good...but the burger and fries are sub-par. Corner B has become to much of a to-do, like most of the upper WV, but 2.50 stellas and a bistro burger cud be one of the better things in life.
                                            CHUMLEY'S is completly underrated. though mostly cramped in a small space of an old speak-easy, if u can handle it...a bacon cheese burger on their signature english muffin is a def must.
                                            Fries in the city are tricky. CB def cooks them in animal fat (flavorful) but they r a bit small and stingy, and better to go 2x burger at Burger Joint than get fries.
                                            Chumleys gets it right....just don't invade on my space too much!

                                            1. Without a doubt, no contest, hands down, the burger joint in the Parker Meridien beats both Shake Shack and Corner Bistro. Hands down. Both the burgers and the fries are better. No contest. I even prefer their milkshakes to SS's concretes. Without a doubt. Hands down. Oogly moogly.