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Sep 18, 2006 10:13 PM

Shake Shack Burger vs. Corner Bistro Burger

from what people have said these are the 2 best in NYC. If you dont agree I'd like you to tell me what is better. Being that I am not from NYC I was wondering what sets these two burgers apart. About how many ounces is the patty? What type of buns do each use? Are they both cooked on the griddle or do either grill? Which condiments come standard? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Honestly, I think Shake Shack's burger is greasy and tasteless. Never quite understood all the raves. I love Corner Bistro's bacon cheeseburger, but would order it to go, because the service there is kind of ridiculous if you eat in.

    It is grilled.

    Also on my Top 2 is Burger Heaven's Roquefort Burger if you like strong, stinky cheese...I do! They are cooked on a griddle.

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      I'm with you on the Roquefort Buerger @ Burger Heaven! Their relish is the perfect sweet foil to the cheeses' pungency. Mmmmm

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        If you like the roquefort, try the burger at the Spotted Pig--it's pricey but delicious.

      2. SS hands down !!!

        See pic of their delicious burger:

        1. I like them both, but will only go to Corner Bistro after 2am because of the crazy crowds. I try to go to Shake Shack at around 3pm, but still have to wait longer than I’d like.

          If you’re dead-set on these two, knock yourself out but I strongly suggest Molly’s. It’s a small, dark pub on 3rd Ave at 23rd St. with sawdust on the floors and tons of character. I love everything about the place but the standout is the burger. It’s big, juicy, tasty and always cooked just the way I like it.

          I’ve taken at least 6 first-timers to Molly’s and all have added it to their standard rotation.


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            I totally agree with TipsyMcStagger. Both SS and CB are very good but very different. They certainly do make an outstanding burger at Molly's. I take mine medium rare with bacon, cheddar and sometimes crispy onions. It's a lot of burger, but so good you'll want to finish it. I think Paul's would also be in my top 5...still trying to determine the 5th place qualifier though.

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              I'm totally with Tipsy. Both are decent and are appropriate during various times (afternoon / late night, etc.).

              Molly's is fantastic, it reminds me of places I miss like McHales of formally 46th/8th.

            2. I like both. They represent two different beef philosophies. Corner Bistro is a big, delicious meat experience, always in my case accompanied by a Sierra Nevada PA. The Shack Burger is a petite, delightfully greasy burger with special sauce. It's the unpolluted love of beef against the precise perfection of the whole sandwich. A French horn or a four-mallet vibraphone.

              1. Funny, I'm digesting my very first Shake Shack Burger as I write this. I went around 6pm tonight (Monday), and only 5 people were in line ahead of me.
                My overall impression was: Tasty, nice to look at with a gorgeously golden shellacked bun, but the texture was a bit watery and greasy. I'm not sure if the wateriness was from the tomato, the meat or the sauce, but it was not a pleasant sensation. The size was just right for this girl, but I have to say that In-n-Out burgers are very similar with a more robust flavor and better consistency.

                My main complaint was for the "concrete" - their version of a blizzard. My "Hopscotch" concrete was melted and watery from the moment it was served with GIANT hunks of ScharffenBerger chocolate and toffee bars - so big they didn't fit in my mouth. Not sure if it was intentional but the bittersweet chocolate discs were fully intact, and at 1.5 inches long, that's a mouthful. I pulled about 1/2 dozen of them out and set them aside on my cardboard tray. The consistency wasn't of a milkshake, but of just plain MILK with the candy floating in it. The overall sensation was that of eating an overly-sweet breakfast cereal with hard chunks floating in the sugar-sweetened milk. blech.

                Well, at least I can take that one off my list... but not before I go back for the cheese fries :)

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                  Don't bother. The fries aren't that good.