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Sep 18, 2006 10:04 PM

Just got back from PEI

Just returned from a week on the island and had some great chow.

Unfortunately, we returned to an old favourite, Rick's Fish and Chips in St Peters, and were really disappointed.

There were many pluses though.

We dined one night at Dalvay By The Sea. The meal was fabulous and although pricey the portions are huge. An absolute must try is their sticky date cake with toffee sauce.

We went on another Chow posting to Brehauts in Murray Harbour for their chowder. Rich and hot with huge chunks of seafood and served with fresh bread or a fluffy tea biscuit.

We had lots to eat in Victoria. Delicous peppermint chocolates and a heavenly Factory Coffee (they coat the glass with melted chocolate, pour in coffee and top with real whipped cream). For lunch we ate take-out from a small hut across from the wharf called Seaview . We had the fish and chips: fresh cut fries with the skin still on, fresh lightly seasoned coldslaw and huge tender portions of fish coated in a fluffy beer batter (I believe) flavoured with herbs.

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  1. We've stayed in St. Peter's quite a bit over the years and have found Rick's to be just adequate. Dalvay was definitely one of the high points. Ours was a breakfast of Eggs Benedict Dalvay style with smoked salmon instead of canadian bacon, service and food were excellent. St. Ann's Lobster supper was memorable and a must do. The bakery just south of St. Peter's in Morrell has the best coconut cream pie we've ever tasted. The Village Diner in Morrell is a nice little restaurant close by and a touch better than Rick's. Just love the island.

    1. Thanks for the posting. We love the island too and stay just outside of Morrell in Savage Harbour so I was glad to see some recommendations close by. We always end up driving to the bakery in North Rustico for their pie and buns (the buns are fabulous but must be eaten that day). Do you have any other suggestions anywhere on the island or for that matter along the trans-canada? We are driving from Ottawa.

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        One of our favorite places is the Chowder House in Point Prim. Great chowder, live entertainment at times, the oldest lighthouse on the island, seals offshore and great island scenery. The Macphail Homestead near Orwell has a dining room that serves a fantastic lunch. The ladies make their own bread and fillings that are hearty and tasty. Two fun ceilidhs are the ones at Monticello and Orwell village. Orwell's may be the more traditional one, but Monticello's is a blast with fiddler's, step dancing, country music and square dancing. Just writing about the island is making homesick for the place. Thanks for bringing back vacation memories.