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Sep 18, 2006 09:06 PM

Looking for lambic fans.

I'm rather proud to recognize that my taste in beer has been favoring more and more complex styles in recent years. From the early years wasted on rice-based swill (Budweiser, et al) to stouts and ales, IPAs and finally, the most exciting style I have had to date, the Belgian Lambics.

I am wondering if someone can point me to a good resource for information on lambics, notably Cantillon and Hanssens.

Any die-hard fans out there? How do you enjoy yours?

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    1. ever tried lindemans? their raspberry lambic is a headrush. the black currant (cassis) on the other hand is really an acquired taste.

      1. Lindeman's lambics are designed for people who don't really like lambic, I think. They're sweet, fruity, and one-dimensional.

        I like Cantillon, Hanssens, Drei Fonteinen, Oud Beersel, Boon, and Girardin. My local watering hole presently has Cantillon's Lou Pepe Kriek on draft, which I've been drinking a fair amount of.

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          Where is said watering hole? I found reference to a place in Chicago that is meant to have Cantillon's on draft but to my knowledge, no place in Boston area has it. Fortunately, a local liquor store more than makes up for it as they have some exceptional selections, including the 2002 Vintage geuze from Cantillon.

          1. re: Ernie Diamond

            Heh, sorry. I'm in San Diego. If you ever make it out here, you need to check out O'Brien's. They have stuff like that '02. Lots of rare Belgian stuff on their bottle list (some quite expensive, alas).

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              Redbones has Cantillon on draft on a semi-regular basis. Last two kegs were the Gueuze and Kriek (which was on tap last week). Current list doesn't show any Cantillon, but keep an eye on it - it usually doesn't move too fast and a keg stays on for about a week.

              The Publick House will occasionally have Cantillon on tap as well. Don't know when the last time the online list was updated, but Cantillon Kriek is listed. Call them to confirm. http://www.thepublickhousebrookline.c...

          2. Start with this site:


            One problem, it's in Flemmish and the English site isn't up yet...

            So try or

            I find the Lindemans products to be poor examples except for the Cuvee Renee and I actually like the Casis since they don't add a ton of adjunct sugar unlike their other fruit beers.

            But traditional Lambic is a very sour product and may take some getting used to. I'd start with Oud Beersel Kriek and if you like that move on to Boon (Marriage Parfait is one of my favorites) and then Cantillon. I wouldn't recommend jumping straight into Cantillon. Don't get me wrong, Cantillon is wonderful but it's pretty much the extreme end.

            That said, Cantillon Iris, though not a traditional lambic because it is not wheat based is a good introduction. It has a lot of malty sweet and more common "beer" flavors while also having the wild/funky fermentation character of a lambic.