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The demise of Diedrich's coffee

I just heard that Diedrich's was sold to Starbucks (aka "The Evil Empire"), and that Diedrich's will now concentrate on its wholesale bean business. OC is truly becoming one chain cafe after another. What a loss.

Moderators: I posted here because Diedrich's is a local coffee roaster/shop.

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  1. Ah..besides Starbucks and CoffeeBean, Diedrich's is the only other local coffee shop in Malibu, and with free wi/fi. Now it's going to be just like any other? Darn it.

    1. I believe Kean on 17th will remain open, but very sad to hear about the other Diedrich's - their coffee was so much better than Starbuck's!

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      1. re: torta basilica

        Yes, Kean, owned by Died Rich himself, will remain open as it was never a part of the corporation as he opened it after he sold out.

        1. re: carter

          You are correct that Kean Coffee was never part of the Diedrich Coffee company, but incorrect that Martin Diedrich "sold out". He did not sell Diedrich Coffee. What's been happening with Diedrich Coffee has been out of his hands for awhile now, unfortunately. He started over with Kean Coffee so he could get back to what he knows best, which is coffee and coffeehouses, not corporate culture.

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          I agree. We went to Brea to shop and we always stopped at the Diedrichs to have coffe and visit and my heart sank when I saw they were gone. Starbucks coffee does not even compare. Also in Laguna where we always stopped they are gone also.

        3. spoke to the Diedrichs staff and they said Starbucks will start phasing in around December....this is truly the end of an era in OC,as Diedrichs has been around since the 70's.Diedrichs has,however, been steadily going downhill since their various corporate permutations and it has been increasingly difficult to get a good shot of espresso pulled at their stores.Fortunately,Peets has slowly started to make inroads into the OC

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            I agree about the quality going downhill, but am still sorry to see OC's original family-run coffeehouse being bought out.

            Fortunately there still is Kean, Kaffa!, and a few others (there used to be a small coffeehouse down on the peninsula in Newport, is it still there ?)

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              I second both Kean and Kaffa! Of course Kean is really in a different league, micro-roasting its own coffee, stocking cup of excellence coffee, etc, whereas Kaffa! gets their beans from City Bean. But both are great spots and offer terrific coffee. It's good to know that there is some decent coffee in Orange County.

          2. It's pretty heart-breaking, particularly since they didn't even sell out for very much money.

            Professor Salt has a pretty good outline of the situation on his blog here:


            - Chubbypanda


            1. It's still a chain, but I've found Peet's to be very good.

              1. Terrible, terrible news.

                1. Seek out Kaffa (or is it Kaffe?) in Orange, near the Childrens Hospital of OC. Great coffee and latte art to boot.

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                    Agree. Kaffa! (it actually has that exclamation mark in the name. Silly but there it is ....) is really good, small and independent.

                  2. I personally don't think of Starbucks as the evil empire.

                    I don't feel their coffee is the best, but I do appreciate the consistently high quality of the service. I've also heard that their employees are well-treated -- which may be why the service is good.

                    Starbucks has pretty good taste in music, too.

                    It's not my coffee of choice, but as large corporations go, they aren't evil.

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                    1. re: PaulF

                      I'll second that, though I do like me some Pumpkin Spice Latte!


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                        Their breakfast sandwiches are actually pretty tasty, and inexpensive.

                      2. Here is more dicussion and information on Diedrich Coffee's demise. Maybe they can do something with Gloria Jean's.


                        1. The Irvine location--in the University Center--was still open last time I went by. If it does become a Starbucks, it can go along with the Starbucks that recently took the place of the school-owned coffee shop in the student center. Bah.

                          Mr. Diedrich would always come into Book Soup in South Coast Plaza (now gone, also) to pick up the Sunday NYT, but on Mondays.

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                          1. re: Evan G

                            Yes, it's still open near Trader Joe's. Good coffee.

                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              Hmm...wonder how long it'll be around for (hopefully longer than my post from this morning!)