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Trifle with Angel Food Cake--Okay to assemble ahead of time?

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I've made several different trifles in the past few years, but have always used some variety of sponge cake (that contains fat and is somewhat dense) as opposed to an angel food cake. However, I have 12 extra egg whites just begging to be used, and need to bring a non-chocolate and perhaps somewhat healthy dessert to a sweet sixteen party this weekend--I am also making a chocolate cake but want to provide an alternative for those non-chocolate/healthier eaters. Since an angel food cake would perfectly use up the extra egg whites I have, and since I think that a trifle is much more interesting and appealing than a stand-alone angel food cake, I thought it would be tasty to make a strawberries and cream trifle with angel food cake cubes as opposed to sponge cake cubes. So, I basically have two questions for anyone who has made a trifle with angel food cake before:

1. Can I assemble this trifle in advance (approximately 2 hours ahead of serving) or will it get too soggy given that the angel food cake will likely absorb the liquids of the trifle much more quickly than a sponge cake would.

2. How much, if at all, should I reduce the liquids that I use to macerate the berries, again given the fact that the angel food cake can't hold as much liquid as a sturdier cake? My current recipe involves chopping strawberries, tossing them lightly with sugar, and then pouring some sort of orange liquor over them to allow maceration. Depending on the amount of time I allow them to sit, the berries can give off a fair amount of liquid. While I don't want to skip the maceration entirely, given that I think it produces a nice flavor in the berries, I am completely willing to pour less of the liquids generated in the maceration process over the cake cubes when I am assembling the dessert.

Hope this wasn't too confusing and thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I wouldn't assemble early. In fact, I'd bring the ingredients separately and put it together there.

    OR... you could toast cake cubes to dry them out ahead of time. Toasted angel food cake tastes like roasted marshmallows...