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Wine bars that host parties -- anyone?

I want to host a party with good wine and cheap eats -- any ideas?

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  1. Madelines in Pasadena. Not cheap but great space. I have done two large partes, and been the guest of another one there, and have been pleased. Great hidden patio, reminds me of Paris. Also Crepe and Vine in pasadena does private parties and is quite resonable.

    1. Thank you. Sounds pricey though. Know anything more down-scale?

      1. how much do you want to spend per person? Another idea is bring your own wine. Madelines is charging me $3 per stemware, and i'm bringing my own stash(for my party). That's a deal compared to corkage fees. Crepe and Vine has fairly reasonable specials (like $13 for food and drink) I think the food is really good there, and the owner is very accomodating.
        Also Beaujolais in Eagle Rock will let you bring in your wine and food is moderately priced.

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          curious how 'large' the parties you've had at Madelines and what food options are available (passed appetizers? etc?) TIA!

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            I think the dining room holds 75, and it's a beautiful space. The bars are set up on either side of the patio so it's a pretty nice flow. Yes, they pass appetizers and were very good. I think you can try going to their web site to get more info re. large parties. Claud Beltran is the owner and is easy to work with.

        2. I hosted my bday party last weekend at Casavino Long Beach. Great venue with affordable prices on flights.

          Check it out. They have live music a couple of nights as well.

          1. Bottle Rock in Culve City is available for parties. http://bottlerock.net/

            1. I know that Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock will do parties, but I think you'd have to bring in your own food. The space is kinda small, but cozy. It's on Eagle Rock Blvd.

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                FYI.. the Colorado Wine Co. is actually on Colorado Bl. 1 1/2 blocks east of Eagle Rock Bl.

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                  Yes...it's on Colorado. Don't know what I was thinking. The address is 2114 W. Colorado

                  website: http://cowineco.com/

              2. What kind of party are you looking for? Cocktail party, sit-down dinner, etc?

                I had my bday dinner at Lou. I had a set amount to be spent per head, and picked out wines for the table - then let them choose the food, sticking to my budget. It worked out marvelously.

                1. How about Silverlake Wine,,,,,,,and great food from across the
                  street at Gingergrass.....all on Glendale Ave. in Silverlake......

                  1. I hosted a private wine tasting at Silver Lake Wine last year and it was a great success. If you promise to have a certain amount of people the price per person goes down (I had 19 people and it came out to $12 per person.) For the $12 we received a three wine flight (but we really got as might wine as we liked) and plenty of salami, cheese, bread, and crackers.

                    I don't know if they do this for just anyone, you may have to be a regular customer.