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Sep 18, 2006 08:09 PM

Recent recs for Super 88 (Allston) food court? or other Packard's Corner recommendations?

I took a look through prev postings on the Super 88 food court and it seems that few have been impressed -- however, most of the postings were at least a couple of years old, so i thought i'd give this another try!

I'm going to be in Packard's Corner next week, and I have yet to try out the food court -- any recommendations for one vendor over another? a specific dish? We have a "no pork" person and a "no veg, but make it spicy, please!" person.

Otherwise, any other places in Packard's Corner that are worth a try? We're open to anything.


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  1. I enjoy going to the Super88 food court. Is it the best asian I've ever had? No. Is it decent? Yes, and the sheer variety is a neat experience.

    I find most of the vendors in the court serve decent asian food. I have personally tried the Vietnamese place, the dim sum place, the other chinese place (Kantin?), the Indian place, and of course the bubble tea. For the mostpart the food I've eaten there has been good.

    1. Kantin is great, and if you stick to the rice plates, it's a great value. I wouldn't really recommend anything else there, aside from bubble tea at Lollicup.

      1. Try the lamb biryani at the Indian place (JMP). It's as good as any I've had in India. They also make a decent dosa.

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          ...cheers to you my friend. and I thought I was the only one who discovered JMP's biryani!

        2. Jakarta Corner has suprisingly good Indonesian food and a rotating menu. Certainly not dumbed down. Be sure to ask for sambal belacan (chili sauce with fermented shrimp); it's a standard condiment and brings a nice and necessary little touch of heat.

          1. Kantin has some real gems. I like the Singapore noodle (curry, shrimp, bits of pork and beef.) And I find the roast meats pretty good.

            Keep in mind that Ken's Ramen (easily the best in Boston) is also in the same building.

            The vietnamese place is also pretty good.

            Dying to try the Indonesian place (not open the last time I was there) that is about to open.

            Also you have Yi Soon nearby for dessert.