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Sep 18, 2006 07:50 PM

LA County Fair food review

I just went this past weekend. Here's my short review:

1. fried turkey leg - it was good, but not really special as only the skin tasted different from what a usual turkey leg would. It had some sauce (bbq?) which made it taste better, but wasn't anything special.

2. corn on the cob - best food at the fair that I tried

3. krispy kreme fried chicken sandwich - suprisingly good, second to the corn. You could taste this nice combo of the sweetness from the glazed doughnuts and the saltier chicken, with a tinge of honey.

4. deep fried snickers - kind of like a corn dog with snickers filling. Warm and gooey on the inside. I had to pick out all those nuts stuck to my teeth at the end of the day (exaggerated). Not bad but not great either.

5. deep fried twinkies - was this even deep fried? could barely taste the difference, or at least it wasn't much of one. maybe expectations were too high. tasted like a regular twinkies with strawberry sauce on top. I noticed a light crispness to it.

6. deep fried oreos - best of the DF lot IMO. Kind of like the snickers in that it was a bit gooey.

7. lemonade near the Chuck Wagon - more on the sweet side which is what I like

8. lemonade across the Alta Dena Milk stand - crap, tasted like lemons with water

9. BBQ brisket sandwich at Chuck Wagon - bbq sauce saved the dish as the brisket was too dry.

10. funnel cake - nothing special

11. Dr. Bob's ice cream - had a double scoop of Dark Chocolate and Rasberry Cabernet Sorbet. I like the DC at Fossilman's better. I'm not a fan of sorbet, but the Ras Cab was really good. I also didn't think it was all that buttery per some of the other reviews I've read here.

There was a lot more food, but I wasn't really interested in trying those as I thought they'd be comparable elsewhere. I mostly just wanted to try the DF candies and turkey leg which I didn't know where else to get outside of the fair. All in all, the food wasn't horrible or anything. I think for me, they were more like novelties that you just had to try once. In fairness, multiple places served the same food so peoples' mileage could vary. In terms of price, I thought everything was overpriced by about double what they were worth. That was expected. Bottom line, my taste may differ from yours. I thought it was worth trying once, but don't expect to go back anytime in the near future.

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  1. daluji,

    Good gravy! Were they offering bypass surgery too? I love fair food, but it sounds like the stuff at the LA County Fair is all designed to give you heart failure.

    Nice write-up. I really enjoyed it.

    - Chubbypanda

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      I went in there expecting to try everything (and I mean everything). But, reality set in and I'm still a young lad that didn't want to jeapordize his future health...haha. I estimate that the above food cost me around $40. Obviously, the price didn't correlate with the portion size. Luckily for me, my buddy suggested splitting some of the things (like the krispy kreme). Otherwise, I wouldn't be here writing this now...haha.

    2. Oh, since eating at a place is an entire experience, I should also add what other costs there were to consider.

      $15 for admission (10 on weeknights, 5 after 5 wed-thur)
      $8 for general parking

      15 and 8 was steep considering I was just there to eat, but I had to try once.

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        For future reference, discount tickets for the Fair are available at Cingular Wireless stores. I believe the price is $9 for adult admission, any day of the week.

      2. Thanks for posting. We're still hoping to make it out to the fair on a weekday, schedules permitting. That Krispy Kreme fried chicken thing sounds like a must-try. BTW one of the best things to do at the fair (IMO) is meander through the halls where all the homemade foods and crafts from the competitions are displayed. And see the baby animals, of course. There's lots to do besides eat, and we never go on any rides.

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        1. re: Debbie W

          That is all that we were able to do last year - the crafts and homemade foods. By the time we got out of there it was all we could do to walk around the outdoor sales booths and eat some Pink's dogs and fries before our feet gave out!! ;-)

          1. re: Debbie W

            Krispy Kreme fried chicken sandwich is a must try. Very different. Now that I think about it, it might actually be better if they had warmed the glazed doughnuts. I must have missed the homemade foods.

          2. I was tempted to do the LA-county-fair-fry-a-thon, but I resisted and just went to my old stand-by, the Chuck Wagon.

            Brisket dinner was good (as usual), but I always go around the wagon and get an ear of corn to go with it.

            On the way out, I picked up the corn dog and lemonade, and ate near my car (while waiting for my car to cool down to 100 degrees or so!)


            1. Didn't they have the BBQ'd turkey legs? Actually BBQ'd.