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Sep 18, 2006 07:45 PM

Best Kensington Market Restaurant

Taking a guest (a newcomer to Canada) to K.M. tomorrow. Want to take her to a terrific little place for lunch but for the life of me can't think of any in the area. Could my fellow hounds help?

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  1. I like Tacos El Trompo, but better ("terrific little place") might be something along College (maybe Pony?) or in Chinatown (New Sky, King's Noodle, maybe Asian Legend?). I like to do "food tours" of KM, picking up a snack at each place along the way (empanadas, rice/mugwort patties at Little Tokyo, churros, Chinese buns, Middle eastern snacks, cheese, etc.)

    1. Depends what you're looking for, of course.

      My one visit to Torito, the tapas place, was fantastic and I can't wait to return. A wide variety of small dishes, with unusual ingredients (for Toronto) and great service.

      Tacas Al Pastor (not sure if this is the same as Tacos El Trompo) serve great tasting food that is apparently quite authentic, but I though the portions were on the small side for the price.

      For quick lunchtime eats under $10, I love both Big Fat Burrito and Jumbo Empanada.

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        All four of these restaurants I mentioned are on Augusta.

      2. I'd have to go with La Palette.

        1. I quite liked the food at Mata Hari the one time I dined there. I thought to coconut rice delicious.

          1. Where are these places? Where in K.M.?

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              La Palette is on the west side of Augusta in the first block south of College.