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Best Sushi West 80's

In NYC for a week... looking for best sushi West 80's

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  1. Sushi of Gari is just below 80s - Columbus and W. 76th or so.

    Haru on Amsterdam is decent. Roppongi is across the street from it but I don't know how it is.

    1. Neo is on Broadway and 83rd. It is probably the best in the West 80s, but it is expensive and inconsistent. You might do very well there, but it is far from assured.

      Haru is on 81st and Amsterdam. It has gotten pretty mediocre since Benihana bought it. The pieces of sashimi are gigantic and sometimes rubbery, but the drinks are pretty.

      Rappongi is across the street from Haru. It is popular but unspectacular.

      Gari is on 78th and Columbus (outside your parameters). It is not in the same league as Sushi of Gari on the East Side, but it is still quite good but very expensive.

      1. if you're willing to step outside your boundary, try yuki on 92nd/amsterdam or tenzan on 73rd/columbus

        the amsterdam ave. sushi corridor as discussed - all mediocre:

        planet sushi - 78th
        haru and roppongi - 81st
        sushi hana - 83rd
        kitaro - 84th

        agree that neo is uneven and overpriced. haven't tried west side gari.

        1. Neo is awful. Have eaten there several times as I live close by and always was amazed at how expensive it was-more than Nobu. My last visit there about 6-8 months ago was dreadful. Serious downhill alert-you are much better off at Gari, Sushi Hana, Haku on 89th Street, Haru & a place I can't remember the name of other than it begins w/an M (Maruyama maybe) on Columbus btw 83rd-84th Streets that I've been ordering delivery from that is pretty good & inexpensive. Have eaten dinner there 3-4 times as well and it is good quality food-I always get the King Crab sushi & they cook the crab on the spot-also make a decent chicken/pork katsu.

          1. Sushi of Gari is very good. It is at least as good as the one on the east side. Definitely sit at the sushi bar.

            There is no other sushi place on the west side that comes close to the quality of Gari.

            1. Haku - 2425 Broadway - love it! super fresh fish, nice japanese style and feel, prices better than the quality. Their lunch special is a great deal.

              1. Many thanks to all of you....CAn't wait to try some of these out....

                1. I order from Kitaro because they deliver Beer and Sake. The food is pretty decent. The pan fried Soba is the best thing on the menu. I recently tried this roll where cucumber was used instead of Nori..

                  The two best period are Neo and Gari. Both are expensive.. Gari is better then Neo for quality and uniqueness.. Neo has an annoying atmosphere and is very high priced. I have been with people who love Gari to death. I am indifferent.

                  Really, there are some amazing Sushi restaurants in the city.. If it is at all possible dont go for Sushi on the UWS. Go to Telepan or Onera or Ouest, or something.. If you need Seafood you can look for Lobster Night at Docks or go to the Neptune Room. Sushi just isnt that good up here.

                  1. Really. Thats too bad.. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I stopped ordering from Haru because of the price of the Wasabi Tobiko Hand Roll went up an extra 2 bucks for no reason and there service sucks.. I have ordered from Kitaro three times since then..Mainly because the Wasabi Hand Rolls are $2.50. I have never had anything that wasnt fresh. Needless to say nothing was spectacular. The best thing I had was the Noodles, which is not a great sign. Next to that, it was there white tuna.And the 10 dollar bottle of unfiltered sake..

                    But that upsets me you say its disgustingly dirty.. Why do you say that?I have never been in the place, I guess I should now..

                    1. My favorite in my neighborhood (although not exactly in the 80s) is Ten Zan on Columbus b/w 73 and 74. Great and cheap sushi! boy, am i glad they opened last year.

                      1. I have never eaten at Kitaro but have ordered in from them dozens of times and have been very happy - good sushi at reasonable prices that does fine with delivery. I think Yuki's sushi is better for eating at the restaurant but for some reason doesn't do as well for delivery. Going to Neo is throwing money away. Gari is the best of the area by far but is in a different price range than Kitaro and Yuki.

                        1. Per the posting policies (which I totally respect-sorry Web editor I'm not trying to make trouble!) I'm not able to share my personal experience about the place. But, I do live on that block and I would just urge you to get your next order from Kitaro in person and evaluate the cleanliness of the joint for yourself. But if the delivery time and price is working for you -- great.

                          1. It seems all the places I have gone to are just okay...Haru is the best bet, never tried Gari its very expensive.

                            The place to avoid is Planet Sushi, they tried to serve me sushi after flies landed on it after it was made and waiting to be picked up by the waitress...chef saw it, waitress saw it, I saw it and they tried the old walk it around the restaurant trick before bringing it to my table. Then lots of talk between waitress and manager in Chinese before I just left never to return.

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                              How long ago was your experience at Planet Sushi? I stoppted going there awhile back..the smell was bad....but in the last few years have returned to good experiences.
                              It is especially enjoyable in good weather for outdoor seating

                            2. how about rappongi?its at the corner of amsterdam and 81st
                              heard that they change the chef totally from the kitchen to sushi bar.
                              and they would soon change the menu for dine in