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Pulled Pork in the 'chester

Any good Barbeque in Westchester? Tried Jimmy Lee's in White Plains and was disappointed. Pulled Pork was a C-, Ribs were a B+, corn bread and Burnt ends an F.

I just found Q in Port Chester, and was happily surprised. Pork is much juicier and better smoked than Jimmy Lee's. Didn't try the ribs.

Any barbeque afficianados out there? Where do you get your fix? Did I just have a bad experience at Jimmy Lee's or is that par for the course?

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  1. I went to Jimmy Lee's about 2 months ago and I was disappointed also. I had the ribs and was not impressed at all. In my mind, the meat on good ribs should practically fall off the bone (a la Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse)... but these were fatty and a little tough, I thought. My fellow diners tried the pulled pork and were similarly disappointed. Someone told me about Southbound BBQ in Valhalla, haven't tried it yet though.

    1. I've heard nothing but bad things about jimmy lees. Q has very good pulled pork, as you've discovered.

      On the rib tenderness front... I don't think the meat on ribs should fall of the bone. That's too tender. But, they also shouldn't have much chew to them either. It's a balance. But the best places will have very tender ribs, where you can cleanly eat them, but not where it basically melts off the bones. That's a big turn off for me.

      but, the majority of people like fall of the bone tenderness on their ribs, so I'm probably in the minority.

      Back to the original post... Q is the best all around cue I've had in this part of the country, outside of what I make on my own smoker in my backyard, that is. :)

      1. "the 'chester"? I have never heard that one before, thank the gods.

        Q is the best in Westchester. Southbound and Jimmy Lees are mediocre to be complimentary.

        1. Try the pulled pork at Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains. Juicy and not sweet like others I've had.

            1. if you are in the mood for a road trip...or out doing the foliage thing...big W bbq roadside stand in pawling...about 13 miles north on rte.22 after the end of 684...on the left...right after hannafords...ribs and pulled pork are fantastic...wed. thru sun...4pm until he runs out...usually after a couple of hours...check out roadfood.com...new york state...bbq

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                just spoke to Big Warren his store is about to open 5 miles north on Route 22-- Great BBQ and will be open lunch and dinner

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                  Is that 5 miles north of the roadside location, making it approx 18 miles past the end of 684? What side of the road will it be on, any landmarks? Also when will he be opening. Thanks for the info.

              2. There's a place in Yonkers called Ribs on the Run. I had an okay Pulled Pork Sandwich there-- it wasn't fantastic, but it's a little hole-in-the-wall place. I had their ribs and they were very good. Naturally, YPPMV (Your pulled pork May Vary)

                There's a soul food restaurant in Yonkers called Big Bird-- haven't been there, but I'm hoping to sometime-- it looks authentic, and I'm hoping that they've got some nice jerk chicken and pulled pork.

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                  Ribs on the Run isn't BBQ. They bake their ribs and pork in gloppy sauce. No smoking at all.

                2. We went to Southbound a lot this summer - the kids could act up and no one really cared, since we were out in the beer garden. Hubby always ordered the pulled pork; I thought it was pretty good. Give them a whirl - it's a fun place. You can always go down to the Kensico Dam and walk it off :-)

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                    Tried Southbound last night- I got the buffet special, so I imagine the ribs and pork that were sitting around would be better if ordered a la carte. I could not have avoided the buffet, as it was an outstanding value at $13.95, AYCE, and featuring all the usual que regulars, save brisket. Anyway, given that caveat, here goes:

                    Ribs: B+ Would probably get an A/A- if not a little soggy from sitting on a steam table for a few hours. Real smokey, the fat and collagen melted into the meat, making it tender and tasty.

                    Pulled Pork B- Not much smoke flavor at all, and dry. I can forgive the dryness a little b/c of the buffet, but not the lack of smoke. Also, they had no Carolina style vinegar sauce at the table. No buns to put it on, either. I would imagine if they smoked it with the shoulder bone in and with some moisture, it shouldn't be so dry.

                    No Brisket.

                    Chicken Wings: A- A hit! Smoked low and slow, so they are tasty and somewhat crispy. Not at all soggy and easy to eat a lot of. Not a normal BBQ food, but I'm getting this again for sure.

                    Mac and Cheese: A- Exactly what you would want. Three trips to refill plate.

                    Corn Bread: A+ You wouldn't believe how many barbeque places screw this up (case in point, Jimmy Lee's- uggh) Moist, great corn taste, just enough sweetness. Outstanding. Four or five trips to the buffet to refill.

                    That's it for our trip, except my girlfriend got fried chicken salad and really liked it, which says a lot because she usually hates these kinds of places. All in all, worthy of many returns, probably with my buddies for some $2 cans of Schaeffer.

                  2. Yep....Sam's of Gedney has great pulled pork. It also part of their "Great American BBQ" Catering division....

                    1. Not quite Westchester, but I found a new barbecue place about a minute away in Riverdale (on Mosholu Parkway) A place called the Barbecue Pit. Had the turkey chili there along with collards and spinach-- all very nicely done. looking forward to trying their ribs in the future.

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                        Barbecue Pit is on Mosholu Avenue not Mosholu Parkway.

                      2. Big W's BBQ has in fact opened a storefront in Wingdale, just as you enter the hamlet, on the left going north on Route 22; he's at the north end of a little strip of four or five storefronts. I thought his pulled pork was excellent. His smoked chicken and ribs were as phenomenal as ever, and the day I was there, he also had a very tasty chili with brisket.

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                          Wnt to Big W's (finally) on Sunday- I think it is the best pulled pork I've had outside the Carolinas, and it gives them a run for their money as well. Well-smoked, tender, and not doused with Kansas city style bbq sauce. They let the pork speak for itself, and I like what I hear. Ribs were great as well. I had a sample of three-meat chile, which incorporates their brisket, barbeque and ribs with about four beans (not types of beans, mind you, but number of beans) in the whole pot for a singular meaty experience. I've found Nirvana, I just wish Nirvana wasn't 50 miles away! Thank you Corky, Nick M and everybody else who have been singing their praises- it's the real deal!