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Sep 18, 2006 07:33 PM

Coolidge Corner tonight

Looking for a recommendation for a place to dine this evening, preferably with a liquor liscence.
I haven't been in Coolidge Corner for a while and am meeting a friend there for dinner tonight.
Any genre will work.

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  1. Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn!


    Khao Sarn!

    1. If you like Thai, go to Khao Sarn. Yoshi (or Noon) will make you a nice drink at the bar and the food is superb.

      Salmon How Moak, spicy beef salad, miang kum all highly recommended.

      A few blocks in the other direction is Dok Bua but they don't have a license. You can byo, however.

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        1. re: gini

          Another vote for Khao Sarn. In addition to everything yumyum mentioned, I really like their pad kee mao and any of their whole fish preparations.

          But really, Mango-tini, Gini? I say: Cobra's blood! Makes you strong!! (Surprisingly tasty as well, for something with a snake in it.)

          1. re: MichaelB

            Yes, Khao Sarn, and another recommendation for the pad kee mao. But I'll have mine with a Khao Sarn cosmo, with that lovely rose-infused vodka. Not something I'd want every day, just every time I'm there :).

      1. Though, if you don't want Thai, and you don't mind noise, the steak tips at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse are the best in Boston.

        1. There's also a vietnamese place, Pho Lemongrass maybe? really good.

          1. Khao Sarn for sure!

            Or you could head a half mile south to the Family Restaurant in Brookline Village for some excellent Turkish food. They have beer there, but I'm not sure if they have wine or mixed drinks...