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Coolidge Corner tonight

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Looking for a recommendation for a place to dine this evening, preferably with a liquor liscence.
I haven't been in Coolidge Corner for a while and am meeting a friend there for dinner tonight.
Any genre will work.

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  1. Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn! Khao Sarn!


    Khao Sarn!

    1. If you like Thai, go to Khao Sarn. Yoshi (or Noon) will make you a nice drink at the bar and the food is superb.

      Salmon How Moak, spicy beef salad, miang kum all highly recommended.

      A few blocks in the other direction is Dok Bua but they don't have a license. You can byo, however.

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          Another vote for Khao Sarn. In addition to everything yumyum mentioned, I really like their pad kee mao and any of their whole fish preparations.

          But really, Mango-tini, Gini? I say: Cobra's blood! Makes you strong!! (Surprisingly tasty as well, for something with a snake in it.)

          1. re: MichaelB

            Yes, Khao Sarn, and another recommendation for the pad kee mao. But I'll have mine with a Khao Sarn cosmo, with that lovely rose-infused vodka. Not something I'd want every day, just every time I'm there :).

      1. Though, if you don't want Thai, and you don't mind noise, the steak tips at the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse are the best in Boston.

        1. There's also a vietnamese place, Pho Lemongrass maybe? really good.

          1. Khao Sarn for sure!

            Or you could head a half mile south to the Family Restaurant in Brookline Village for some excellent Turkish food. They have beer there, but I'm not sure if they have wine or mixed drinks...

            1. I also love Khao Sarn, but to give you some other options, try walking a half-mile or so down Beacon Street toward Kenmore. Just before you get to Park Drive on the right is Taberna de Haro, which in my opinion is the best Spanish food the area has to offer, with a good wine list.

              Almost directly opposite it on the left is Sol Azteca (Mexican), which I think is very underrated. It's not at the level of the Mexican food you can get out west, but it's hearty and tasty and even has some stellar items like the not-to-be-missed Higaditos Mexicanos, a spicy sauteed chicken liver appetizer.

              As a plus on a warm night like tonight, both of these places have outdoor tables, something you won't find in Coolidge Corner proper.

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              1. re: BobB

                Dude, Taberna is FAR. It's in St. Mary's. The guy wants to spend a night in Coolidge.

                1. re: tamerlanenj

                  As I said, about a half-mile. Depends on your definition of far, for me on a nice night that's a just a pleasant stroll, followed by the chance to eat outdoors, which you can't in CC. Besides, he doesn't say he wants to spend the evening in CC, just that he's meeting someone there. Easy enough to wander down the road.

                  But moot anyway -it was last night. Uman, where did you end up?

              2. Lemongrass for vietnamese, Khao Sarn for thai, Indian forget the name on Beacon (not the fast food Indian, Rani maybe?) - Korean barbecue on corner of Beacon and Center, Michaels deli for very good corned beef sandwich, Coolidge Corner Clubhouse for steak tips and decent bar food, Fugakyu on Beacon going toward Boston for sushi, etc. and good bar, Chef Chow's on Harvard across from Lemongrass, and Lineage on same street if you want to spend too much money for too fancy food - you can't starve in coolidge corner though nothing is quite the "best of" its all pretty palatable

                1. If you are looking for American versus ethnic check out
                  Lineage on Harvard Street -- fantastic seafood!