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Sep 18, 2006 07:30 PM

location challenge

My friend is dropping folks off at the airport Thursday evening around rush hour-ish. She'll have a car. I work in Old City and won't have a car. Neither of us can really go too far out of our way to meet up; ideally our dining spot would be El/trolley/bus accessible and have some reasonable parking options.

Oh, and she's vegetarian.

Where should we eat?

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  1. ok, so is it possible for you to get on the broad street line and go south? South Philadelphia would probably be a good option.

    If your friend is vegetarian and not vegan, Scannicchios, Crinitis, Tre Scalini -- all South Philadelphia Italian restaurants-- may be good choices

    1. NELynne, if your friend has to go the airport to drop off people around rush hour, she is not going to hit any traffic coming back up to the city. Traffic is wide open heading north. South bound is the problem. She could be back from the airport to old city in 10 mins. Hence, the whole east side of the city is an option. West of Broad gets pretty congested. If you want a cool close spot, go Konak on Vine St in Old City. Turkish food with many options and specials as well as vegetarian dishes. Their humus is awesome.

      1. I've been to Konak, it is yummy, and that side of vine generally has parking. You're sure she won't hit traffic? 'cause then she can jump onto 95 to get home. hm.

        1. You have my word of honor. I travel that route every day home from work (5-7pm-ish) and actually timed it yesterday because I was thinking about your post. It took me 11 mins getting off at the Callowhill exit from the airport on-ramp. Enjoy dinner.

          1. I also take 95 north from the Delaware state line into Philly every night, and the traffic is light until you get to the 676 exit (which is also the Callowhill exit if I remember correctly). North of there on 95 is heavy, as commuters from within center city are leaving to head back to the northeast and the bridges. I get off at Broad, though. I agree that Old City is available to you, but if you really want a treat, head over to Horizons on 7th between South St. and Bainbridge. It's all vegan, all great. It's a short walk from old city, and pretty convenient to 95 North as well. She'd want to get off 95 at Washington Ave., get on Washington, head north on 7th St., and park somewhere between Christian and Bainbridge.