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New fruit for Rosh Hashonnah

Can anyone recommend a new sweet, delicious fruit for the holiday? Every year I spend an arm and a leg for a tiny fruit that no one in my family will eat.

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  1. Don't try quince! We did that one year and boy did it suck! LOL

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      That's because you have to cook it. I've never tried eating a raw quince, but I can't imagine that it's very good.

      PS: if you thought the raw quince was bad, don't try raw olives.

    2. Try prickly pairs or a pomegranate.

      1. we usually have apple pears, which arent realy apples or pears but taste goode nonetheless.

        1. Yeah, Zev, it was my host who didn't know about cooking the quince. As for olives, there was a funny segment on Ham on the Street about that last week!

          BTW, a good "new" fruit is an aprium. It's like a pluot in reverse.

          1. Pomegranate is always a good choice.
            Have you ever tried Asian Pears? They're yellow
            and shaped more like an apple. The taste is a cross
            between an apple and pear. They're usually crip and
            juicy. I'm sure you could bite into it, but I've
            always sliced them. We recently found them at Bauger's
            (in Westminster) but I'm sure any Whole Foods, Wegman's
            or Asian Market will have them in stock.

            1. if you havent had lychees yet this year, that's an excellent choice. you'll find them in chinese type stores everywhere and likely in "3 guys from brooklyn" on fort hamilton and 65th street. if you live in brooklyn, monsey, lakewood or other heavily populated jewish areas, every fruit store will have some sort of exotic fruit. you might get lucky at "the orchard"- a high end fruit store on coney island ave. theyre likely to have something worth your while. the most interesting thing i've tried on rosh hashana is a fruit shaped like a banana that has a patchy skin which pops off one piece at a time. if you can find it (and name it), this fruit is worth your while. also, fairway advertised that they're bringing in exotic fruits, check their website to see which ones theyre selling.

              1. I second the lychee recommendation, although I haven't seen any fresh lychees since mid summer. Guava also is a good choice. We've tried other things which I can't describe (or remember their names).

                You may want to check out HMART. Its an asian supermarket chain. If you live on the Island there is one on Hillside Avenue and Herricks Road (on the border of East Williston, Herricks and New Hyde Park) about ten minutes away from Roosevelt Field. They have an amazing selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and will probably have something that looks new and interesting.

                Wishing you and all on the Chowhound board a sweet new year,

                Papa T

                1. I think that the problem with the new fruits for Rosh HaShanna is that, since they are unfamiliar to us, we don't know how to tell how to choose ripe ones, and to weed out the underripe, or overripe ones. Then again, maybe some of these fruits might not be to our taste, even if they were ripe.
                  This year we were disappointed with the Pepino Melon, but really lucked out with a Cherimoya, which was really interesting and pretty tasty.
                  I chose both because they had a little give, when pressed, and I hoped that might be the test for ripeness. I think the Pepino, though it looked fine from the outside, may have been rotten inside.
                  The Cherimoya, is a very unusual looking fruit with dark green reptile-like skin. It's a cream color on the inside, and has a custardy, but juicy texture, and a mildly sweet and slightly tangy flavor. It has large black pits.
                  I would highly recommend it as a new fruit to keep in mind for next year, if you haven't tried it.

                  I agree that an Asian Pear is a great choice, but we have it too often during the year, to consider it a new fruit in our household.

                  As for a pomegranate, does anyone know how to choose a ripe one? I'd also appreciate tips for choosing a good pepino melon, or other new and unusual fruits?

                  1. We got a cherimoya, which, as you noted, wasn't ripe enough.

                    1. For a good pomegranite, try to find one that feels hefty for its size compared with the other ones (meaning that it's not dried out) with a deep color on the outside (which I've found tends to correspond with deeper colored seeds, which I've always thought sweeter.) Obviously, avoid anything bruised, wrinkly, etc.

                      I've definitely had the ripeness problem too! When I tried my family on a cherimoya about five years ago, it was quite firm and tasted faintly resinous, like a pine tree.

                      1. We did really well with baby kiwis - they were the size of large grapes and bursting with flavor. Star Fruit is usually pretty good.

                        The trick to knowing when they are good/ripe may be to go to a store which regularly carries the produce instead of a mainstream store which orders specialty items for yom tov. The people who work there may know less than you about when the fruits are best eaten.

                        Speaking of fruit and food, I can't wait for the fast to end.

                        1. I lost track of this thread after it was moved off the kosher board! I thought it would go to home cooking. I am confused!

                          My dh bought delicious "golden kiwis" for our new fruit on Sat. Interesting golden-green color. I think I liked them better than regular kiwis, which sometimes have a funny aftertaste.

                          We had star fruit for Fri. night--we hadn't had those in a long time. Pomegranates at all three meals.

                          I know that the produce managers in our mainstream grocery stores here in St. Louis (Schnucks, Dierbergs) are always extremely forthcoming with help about ripeness issues, new varieties of apples, etc.
                          A sweet and delicious new year to all, p.j.

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                            As per their post on the Kosher baord, they put in on this board because we are discussing new and interesting fruit.

                          2. Can someone enlighten me? Is there a tradition for Rosh Hashonnah involving fruit?

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                              Yes there is. There is a custom to eat a new fruit on the second night of Rosh Hashanah. There is also a custom to eat other foods on the first night of Rosh Hashanah which have symbolic significance i.e. the head of a fish so that we should be like the head and not the tail.

                              There are others which use a play on the hebrew or aramaic word for the food but they do not translate well.

                            2. Just keep away from Durian.

                              For your sake and those around you.

                              Zei Gezunt und a goot yor!