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Socials? I have not heard anything about chowhound socials for a while...


Never made it to any chowhound socials in the past. Are these not happening any more?

  1. This would be snazzy - none of my friends tend to geek out about food as much as I do and I'd love to meet new foodies...

    1. Exactly! Most of my food friends are out of state.

      1. I'm interested too. I have some friends that will go out of the way for food, and others that are "not eating". No matter how well intentioned, it still seems like we all go out to eat only once in a blue moon. Everyone's schedule is impossible for committing to something away from home base.

        1. We really enjoyed them a few years ago when Bill and Margo were organizing them. We'd definitely come if we could.

          1. If You Organize It, They Will Come.

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              I was afraid you were going to say that! Lol. I know you did it in the past!! I may ask you for some tips if I do...let's see how many people are interested...

            2. The best piece of advice that I can give you is that no one else is going to step up and do it. I can guarantee that. If you want to happen, you'll have to organize it yourself. It is really very easy...feel free to email me at abbylovi@hotmail.com if you have questions.

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                Thanks Abbylovi, I just might do that! having never even attended one, I'm not sure how they are put together.

              2. A couple of other Bklyn CHounds whom I dont know and would like to meet have expressed interest in doing this as well but, so far, no one has stepped in to take charge of arranging one. I have my e-mail address posted on my homepage here so feel free to use it. I'll help but dont want to take it on without at least a couple of others. I'll even attempt to drag Abby in.

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                  I'm excited. I will at the very least help. If no one else wants to take charge, I might possibly do it...

                2. Hi folks,

                  While we like to hear about hounds getting together for great chow, we don't allow event planning threads on the boards.

                  Prunefeet, if you'd like to plan a gathering, please post an email address so people can contact you personally to let you know they're interested. Once you've got more details for the event planned, you can post an announcement / invitation, but again, please ask for RSVPs to be sent off the boards

                  1. Ok, I guess this is a thing of the past. I will post my email address on my profile.