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Best Prix Fixe Lunches in City

I'll be visiting NY in a couple weeks and figure the best bang-for-the-buck in terms of eating nicely could be prix fixe lunches. I've heard Fleur de Sel, Tocquerville, Devi and Gotham Bar and Grill all offer really great values. Of those four, what shouldn't I miss (I realize they are very different cuisines) Any other prix fixe recommendations?

Thanks for the feedback!

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  1. I think Gotham's is the most consistent. Devi's, which I believe is also offered on Saturday, is excellent too.

    1. I would also reccomend the prix-fixe lunch @ Jean Georges.

      1. the best prix-fixe lunch in Manhattan is at Jean Georges.
        I am a BK/downtown guy, but this is worth the trip uptown.
        two-course lunch for $28, and it might be the best thing
        you eat while you are here. Def. make a reservation.

        1. I actually would rank Gotham at the bottom of the four lunches you've mentioned. I find that their prix fixe offers only the most uninteresting items on the menu and that I often end up ordering off the "normal" menu in order to eat a good lunch.

          Devi is quite revelatory as a high-end Indian meal. I would highly recommend the Manchurian cauliflower and the Lamb Chops if you go there.

          Fleur de Sel and Tocqueville are fine restaurants and a bit more formal than Gotham or Devi. I have found their prix fixe lunches consistently far more interesting than Gotham's and would recommend either for a quiet, excellent French meal.

          1. I second the aforementioned items on Devi's menu. Even taking into account its a $24 prix fixe, I thought Fleur de Sel's portions were too small.

            1. I have found that, generally speaking, specially priced prix-fixe lunches do tend to have a bit smaller portions than when ordering from the a la carte menu. That, I think, is to be expected. However, I've never found them to be so miniscule that I or my husband, whose appetite is bigger than mine, has gone away hungry.

              The one prix-fixe lunch we had at Gotham B&G was delicious, but it was years ago, so that may have changed. We've had a few excellent prix-fixe lunches at Tocqueville, though not since they moved into their present location. Fleur de Sel and Devi are favorites of ours, and I highly recommend the prix-fixe lunches at both.

              I would also recommend that you consider lunch at Eleven Madison Park. While the prix-fixe cost is higher than the others mentioned, Chef Daniel Humm's cuisine is so sensational, it's worth every extra dollar.


              1. I've never tried tocquevilles lunch but their dinner was top notch along with superb service.

                1. For $50, you can have a prefixe lunch at Le Bernadin

                  1. I believe Le Bernardin also offers a $38 three-course City Harvest lunch, though, as you might expect, the options are very limited.

                    1. I'd go for Fleur de Sel or Tocqueville, but there are other options too. Tabla, I believe, has a $25 deal, as does the cafe section in Aquavit. As of last year, both were very very good. Mercer Kitchen has a $25 lunch also; I've liked it, others haven't. brasserie 8 1/2 does too; that's not as good as the others but it's a change of scene. And strolling around today I noticed that Urena now has a $30 deal. Also as of last year Turkish Kitchen has a lunch that is by no means in the same league as the others.. but hey! It's $14.

                      1. Pergola des Artistes on 46th near 7th Ave. $10 gets you really nice bread, entree and a glass of wine. Not a crazy amount of food, but who wants a big lunch?

                        1. Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I have it narrowed down, but would appreciate some help making a final decision:

                          Toquerville or Gotham City Bar and Grill

                          Devi or Tabla

                          Fleur de Sel and Jean Georges looked great, but although it may seem funny, i'm not wild about french cuisine

                          Thanks again!

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                            Fleur de Sel and Jean George may be French, but they serve Modern French and not classic French cuisine. However, if that's still a problem for you, you might want to think twice about Tocqueville because it does lean in that same direction. Gotham Bar & Grill's cuisine would probably be a better choice for you since the cuisine is New American.

                            As for whether it should be Devi or Tabla, it depends on whether you prefer true Indian cuisine (Devi) or Creative Indian/Fusion (Tabla).

                          2. I don't think anyone else has mentioned it yet, so I will--Bouley has a great prix fixe lunch option.