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Sep 18, 2006 07:12 PM

Cav Wine Bar -- fried okra heaven!

So this weekend I finally made it to Cav to check it out and more importantly get me some okra.

We sat at the bar, had a nice glass of sparkling ($10), the fried okra ($7) and the roasted cauliflower ($7).

The okra is sliced down the middle, tempura battered and fried. It comes with a aoli which, to me, was completely unnecessary because the okra was amazingly fantastic, the seeds pop - yum, yum, yum.

According to the server, their okra has a "following" so much so that last year one regular came in on the last day okra was on the menu and ordered the last three orders to tide her over. (sounds like something I would do? do I have a food twin out there?)

Anyway, they'll have it on the menu as long as possible and expect okra season to last for another couple of months.

Oh and the cauliflower was good, the wine was nice....

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  1. Sounds great. I saw copious amounts of fresh okra at the farmer's market this weekend.

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      1. I had a business-meet-over-drinks at Cav last week, and had to get the okra. It's up to $8 now and so worth it. I loved the lightness of the tempura-style batter and the juicy crunch that still remained in the okra.

        Fried okra with harissa aioli -

        For wine we had glasses of 2005 Malvazija KOZLOVIC Northern Istria, Croatia and 2000 Cesanaese del Piglio CASALE DELLA IORIA, Lazio, Italy. Both recommended.

        Disclaimer: An acquaintance designed Cav's website.

        1. I had this about two weeks ago, and totally agree with the assessment that it was delicious. The other dishes I had were just ok, but the okra was stellar. Great space, much more mellow than I expected (From things I'd heard, I expected it to be a little more *sceney* but was pleasantly surprised).

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          1. re: Fig Newton

            This was the first time I'd been in on a monday, in fact waited outside for the doors to open at 5:30pm. It filled up within an hour, but not what I consider "sceney" either. You need to try this housemade charcuterie.

          2. Wow, being from Texas and an okra nut, this is exciting, will certainly have to give it a try. And, if it's fried right, certainly no need for a "dipping sauce."

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            1. re: rtmonty

              I'd only had okra battered with cornmeal before, and cross-cut slices at that. I liked this much better.

              1. re: rtmonty

                FYI - I'm from Texas and an okra nut too.

                When I make it at home, I've always slice it across (just like a Texas gramma) so the idea of cutting my cutting time (ha) dramatically by slicing the okra just once length-wise was a total Doh! moment for me.

                1. re: larochelle

                  Me too, never ever saw it that way in Texas, never. But, if it's fried right and it tastes like fried okra, who cares, right??