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Sep 18, 2006 07:00 PM

What's the deal with Highland Perk?

Does anyone know when Highland Perk (on York) is set to open? Seems a long time coming.......wonder if they are having permit problems?

Tuna Toast:

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  1. Seems like a strange neighborhood for a coffee house.

    Give them an e-mail.
    Website says September of 2006.

    1. According to the owner's post on the Northeast List, it'll be another month or two.

      1. Well their website says that they are now open. How is their coffee, and other offerings?

        1. I was there today, at the grand opening, and left very impressed. It's a great spot to hang out. Lots of couches and free wifi. The coffee and food were pretty good. They're still a bit disorganized, so expect to wait longer than you should to get served. But that's to be expected at first. After the disappointing closure of Mudpuppies, anyone in the area should come out and support this place.

          1. Hi, Tuna Toast!
            I've been going to Highland Perk for a couple of weeks now. It's cute, with lots of (mostly terrible) art on the walls, several big sofas, free wifi. I like it, though it is terribly disorganized. I am very happy to have a coffee house there, and I will continue to patronize it, but I have my fears for it. On a recent Sunday morning, one lone teenaged girl was manning the counter and the kitchen, doing her best. It took 20 minutes to get a sandwich. On every table is a yellow sign saying that you get a free scoop of ice cream with every desert. (As opposed to dessert.) I know some people don't care about grammar and spelling, but some do, and it isn't that hard to get it right. I like their coffee, though I wish they'd get some really large mugs so I wouldn't have to drink my triple americano out of paper. Most important is the attitude of the staff--they have been universally friendly. I have made this my coffee house of choice, and fully intend to become a regular. I'd love to see some non-pastry breakfast items offered, like bacon and eggs. All in all, I really like Highland Perk, and hope they can organize a little better. What is it about Starbucks and Buster's that makes service so fast and efficient?

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              Starbucks and Buster's are corporate owned, thus the tons of money for staff as opposed to family owned like Highland Perk-Mancina. I like this place and their milkshakes.