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Wine Store in Manhattan? [moved from Wine board]

We are last minuting it to NY from Toronto. Due to the short notice we won't be able to place orders from our favourite California Wineries for delivery.

I am looking for a wine store in Manhattan that has a wide selection of quality California wines. Something like San Francisco's Wine Club or K&L Wines. We will be staying in Midtown but are willing to subway or cab it if it is worth the trip. Any suggestions?


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  1. Morrell and Company - Rockefeller Center
    Acker Merrill - W. 72nd
    Sherry Lehmann - Madison and E. 60s
    Astor Wines - Downtown, e. village
    Park Avenue Wines- midtown east

    google them for info.

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      Note: Sherry Lehmann is now on the northeast corner of 59th & Park.

    2. I think Morrell has really poor service. Park Av. Wines is really overpriced. Acker is not worth the trip. Neither match the quality and service that you get at KL.

      I'd narrow it to Sherry Lehmann or Astor. Even Union Square Wines has a good selection.

      1. http://www.pjwine.com/ - Better selection, service and price than the aforementioned

        1. I like Crush - www.crushwineco.com and they're located in Midtown

          1. Union Square Wine and Spirits. Large selection and high tech, enomatic system for dispensing wine tastings.

            1. Union Square wines and Astor wine are great if exspensive.

              1. Astor isn't bad in terms of prices, Union Square is ridiculous. If you go to Astor you should check Warehouse Wine on Broadway nearby - their prices are very good, but stick with recent releases. The older odd-lot stuff is often very questionable.

                Sherry-Lehmann is definitely the best bet on all fronts in the midtown area - selection, price and knowledgable but not pretentious service.

                Since it sounds like the OP has specific interests, they may have to call around some, but should have no trouble getting anything available in NYS from the places mentioned in the thread so far.

                1. Thank you for all your recommendations. Just from a quick perusal of your recommended websites, I am sure that I can get most of what I need from Crush, Union Square and (found by a little googling) K & D Wine.

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                    K&D is a good place: helpful service, variety, tastings, and reasonable choices.

                  2. PJWine.com
                    They deliver free, min. $75, within Manhattan.

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                      I second PJ as my favorite wine store, although I don't know much about their California selection, since I don't drink much CA. LOVE their Spanish selection. http://www.pjwine.com/

                      I agree that Warehouse (Broadway/Astor) has great bargains but lots of over-the-hill stuff, beware.

                    2. I haven't tried as many of the corny new ones that use various marketing gimmicks aimed at "newbies" to sell wine (I believe Crush falls into this category), but I've tried most of the other mentioned here (PJWine, Astor, Sherry-Lehmann). In my opinion nothing, absolutely nothing, beats Sherry-Lehmann, and I live far downtown and have to either get $125 worth for delivery or make the trip up. They not only have the best prices (despite having numerous very expensive bottles) but their service is unparalleled. They can sell to the most sophisticated consumer, but they won't make you feel like an idiot if you know nothing. Also, they store their wines properly--meaning only one bottle is on the shelf, and the bottle you buy is brought up instantly from a cellar. If you know what you want, use their website, as some of the harder-to-get items are not available in the store itself (they have a larger facility in brooklyn). Only negative on them I'd say is that their selection tilts more French generally. Italian selection is very limited, as are most of the New World places other than U.S.

                      If you live downtown, and just want to cash-and-carry, then Astor is a great choice. I also like Discovery Wines, which is a good mix between the gimmicky (they have computers with which you can scan the wine bottle and obtain information about the wine) and the serious - their proprietors personally visit every vineyard they purchase bottles from. They have somewhat funky taste, but if your palate and theirs are aligned, then you're in luck. They also have daily tastings.

                      Have not been to the new Union Square Wines, but am very curious to check it out. Their tasting system sounds promising. Anyone tried that?

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                        Haven't tried the new union square wines, but we walked by over the weekend and it looks fabulous. The tasting system looks cool, the space is cool, and their selection is usually good.

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                          just a bit overpriced compared to Astor

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                          The proprietors of Discovery personally visit every vineyard they purchase from? Really? Either you completely misunderstood or they are feeding people a total heap of BS. Think about it - off they go from Rioja to Bordeaux & Burgundy and Chamagne then on to South Africa and to Napa Valley. Now it's time to fly to Chile & Argentina - all on their modest income from owing a wine shop. I don't think so.

                        3. Often a lot overpriced compared to anyone...

                          1. first, you are not going to find a shop in Manhattan with the same selection of ca. wine as K&L. Second, the prices are going to be higher in NY than in CA.

                            What you are going to find is a greater overall selection of wine from around the world. As noted, PJs has the best spanish selection in the city, their prices are among the lowest in the country but its a hike from just about anywhere in the city. They do deliver for free within the city and you can use their website.

                            Sherry Lehmann has terrific service and is a legendary shop. If you are a wine lover, you need to visit this shop. Astor is a good shop. If you are in the village, its a must and there are a lot of great fun, funky restaurants and shops in the area.

                            If you would consider branching out, chambers street has the best loire selection in the city...maybe the country.

                            1. the Italian wine merchants in Union Square is amazing and I think it it is owned by Mario batalie, but don't quote me on that.

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                                Mario Batalie (with Joe Bastianach) is involved with The Italian wine merchants not Union Square.

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                                  Right - The Italian Wine Merchants, which is just off Union Square.

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                                    Sergio Esposito owns Italian Wine Merchants....Batali and Bastianich are investors....Its a great, Italian only store (probably the best in the US) and certainly worth a visit for enophiles...