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Sep 18, 2006 06:58 PM

Wine Store in Manhattan? [moved from Wine board]

We are last minuting it to NY from Toronto. Due to the short notice we won't be able to place orders from our favourite California Wineries for delivery.

I am looking for a wine store in Manhattan that has a wide selection of quality California wines. Something like San Francisco's Wine Club or K&L Wines. We will be staying in Midtown but are willing to subway or cab it if it is worth the trip. Any suggestions?


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  1. Morrell and Company - Rockefeller Center
    Acker Merrill - W. 72nd
    Sherry Lehmann - Madison and E. 60s
    Astor Wines - Downtown, e. village
    Park Avenue Wines- midtown east

    google them for info.

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      Note: Sherry Lehmann is now on the northeast corner of 59th & Park.

    2. I think Morrell has really poor service. Park Av. Wines is really overpriced. Acker is not worth the trip. Neither match the quality and service that you get at KL.

      I'd narrow it to Sherry Lehmann or Astor. Even Union Square Wines has a good selection.

      1. - Better selection, service and price than the aforementioned

        1. I like Crush - and they're located in Midtown

          1. Union Square Wine and Spirits. Large selection and high tech, enomatic system for dispensing wine tastings.