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Sep 18, 2006 06:45 PM

Vegan friendly recommendation?

I've got 6 VIPs in town, one of whom is a strict vegan...his favorite cuisines are Thai, Indian, Chinese , Japanese......needs to be Boston or Cambridge location...doesn't have to be fancy.....
thanks in advance for your help

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  1. How about Elephant Walk? It's classy, tasty food, and they have a good-sized vegan section on their menu... they're very accomodating to special diets. Both the Cambridge and Boston locations are lovely (there's one in Waltham too, but I haven't been).

    1. well, it's not really fancy, and in a less-showy part of town, but the grasshopper restaurant in allston is VERY good. stricty vegitarian, but i'm sure vegan is a high priority as well. it's always packed, so you know it's tasty. even my meat-loving boyfriend liked it! it's also pretty moderately-priced with HUGE portions.

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        I prefer Happy Buddah in Chinatown to Grasshopper. Grasshoppy always tastes "gloppy" to me.

      2. The Ethiopian cuisine at Addis Red Sea is quite vegan-friendly, pretty and romantic, a bargain by the standards of its neighborhood (the South End), fresh, tasty, and novel.

        Asmara in Central Square is a few steps down in flavor, atmopshere, and price (and is Eritrean, not Ethiopian); in fairness, I have not been here in some years.

        Both have lots of fine options for non-vegans, too.

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          The Helmand by the galleria in cambridge would fit your bill.