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Sep 18, 2006 06:41 PM

Champagne Cake in South Bay/ Penisula?

Looking champagne cake...specifically a bakery that does the soft, big, lucsious, round pink "chocolate" curilques. Wilsons does the champange cake with the pink chocolate shavings...but they're just that, shavings of pink chocolate dust. Don't get me wrong, good cake (and I've asked about the curliques and they can't help).
Need South Bay, lower penisula or lower east bay as this will be a real time "birthday cake" suprise on the day my niece decides to make her entrance into the world.
This is (new) Dad's favorite cake in the world and the one he had growing up (there was a bakery (about 20 yrs ago) in Santa Rosa that started this now unfindable cake)...seems like a good tradition to keep going.
Any req's are much appreciated!

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  1. It is not in your area, but I have seen someone pick one up at Virginia Bakery in Berkeley.

    1. I don't know if they specifically do this kind of cake, but the only 2 bakeries that I would recommend are both on Burlingame Ave--The Cakery and Copenhagen. Both do custom work (I got my son's bar mitzvah cake from Copenhagen and they did a beautiful job) so I'm sure they can accommodate your request.

      1. Hello! I just came across your old post - looking for recipes. I believe the Santa Rosa bakery you are referring to was my family's bakery - Dutch Girl Bakery. We made pink champange and choc. champagne cakes. I hope you found the cake you were looking for. I'm about to make one for a friend next month. When I worked at the bakery, it was my job to make the curls. Large block of chocolate and a potato peeler. Ah....good times!

        1. Buttercream Bakery in Napa. The Best in the area. Located on Jefferson St. 1-block south of Napa Sr. High School.

          1. My family purchased the Dutch Girl Bakery, Santa Rosa, California, in the mid-1950's and my father, who was the baker, introduced a pink champagne cake to the line-up of cakes. He died in late 1957 and my mother sold the bakery to the previous owners around late 1958. If anyone has this recipe, I would like to know. I am looking for two of his recipes -- the champagne care and date nut bread from Death Valley National Park, where he worked prior to purchasing the bakery. My mother sold his recipes with the bakery.