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[DFW] San Franciscan turned Texite in Need of EXTREME help

Moved to Southlake (exactly between the "Two" cities) and have been struggling through all the chain restaurants. Ack!! Are there any decent "mom and pop" aka non-chain establishements in my area at all? Pllllllleeeeaaaaaasee... help me!!

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  1. Listen in Colleyville on hwy 26 there is a grocery store I know it sounds wierd but its great its called "Marketstreet" and they have the best sandwich's and pizza. Also a great selection of produce.

    1. Also in Colleyville in the Village off Highway 26 there is a great local restaurant called 62 Main. The chef there, David McMillan, started out in Northern Cal,and then the Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Many of his dishes have the Napa/No.Cal. influence. He also has more casual fish place right below called Kingfish.
      In the same shopping center where the above mentioned Marketstreet is, there's a place called Gloria's that has Salvadoran food and live music and salsa dancing on the weekends.
      Over in Grapevine there's quite a few local restaurants on Main St.and also on Northwest Highway some are pretty good, some just OK.
      Over in Keller just up 1709 there's and Italian place called Mezza Luna (no relation to the one in LA.) Ate there once, decent food, good service.
      In Trophy Club up off 114 there's a Tex-Mex place called Christina's. Big menu and good tableside guacamole.
      If you're looking for something more adventurous and interesting then you'll need to go to Dallas.
      Hope that helps!

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        i'm in agreement with all of munchie1's great suggestions. (i like market street better than central mkt, myself.)

        i ate at classic cafe a few months ago, was mystified by the raves. i guess it's better than not having a place out there at all, but not a place i'd recommend

        don't forget kincaid's, right there on southlake blvd; just a funky burger joint, but a FW oldie that wins lots of awards for best burger. also funky but def mom-and-pop is Feedstore BBQ, 530 S. White Chapel Blvd., 817-488-1445.

        there's also Severine's, 621 E. Southlake, 817-912-0387, by jean-michel sakouhi, who used to work at the mansion on turtle creek (among many other places)

        and a coupla good asian places: Eden Bistro, 480 W. Southlake Blvd, 817-748-0028, and Sushi Sam's, with xlent sushi and really cool sake samplers

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          Hey Teegee!! Thanks for posting some help. Haven't been to Kincaid's yet, but from the posts about it, I'm going to give it a shot. Funky is definately ok with me as long as the food is worth it!! I have been meaning to try Feedstore BBQ, but with no one's word to go on, I was a little skeptical (uh, looks like a feedstore).

          I have been to Farpointe Wine Cellars, 721 E. Southlake Blvd., and found that they are sorely lacking in wine knowledge... At least the 12 year old girls that work there. I find the bottles stored upright, in direct light at room temperature (which in the summer was a little higher than 50-60 degrees). They recommended a wine "because, like, all her freinds and all the girls that work there really dig it". I swear I think the pours for wine tastings are AN ounce. Now I have been three or four times, trying to see if I hit it on a bad day... but the experience has always been the same. I did find that the associated store right next door had some better educated help and the wine was stored properly.


          So, I will definately try out Severine's!! I love little wine bars...

          OK... so a question about Sushi edicate here in Texas... I am used to sitting at the sushi bar and ordering from the chef... we talk, he tells me what is fresh, we laugh, share sake. But here (Sushi Sam's, Kobeya, Cowtown Sushi) I find these little slips of paper all over the bar, the sushi chef never looks up and I am completely lost as to what I am supposed to do. Now deduction tells me that I am supposed to fill out that little slip of paper with what I want... But how do I know what I want unless I talk to the chef? And what if I want more? What if he wants to recommend something special?? Any suggestions????

          Thanks for the recommends... I will post again when I try them!


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            for wine have you tried Off the Vine, a small wine shop in the Southlake Town Center? They also have a cute wine bar next door called Into the Glass. I've enjoyed both.

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          Thanks Munchie1! I have tried 62 Main and really enjoyed it. Also tried Kingfish below, but I am not that into fried food so that left almost everything on the menu out and the colors in there made me dizzy (not that I couldn't put up with it if the food was great)! I have not tried Gloria's, so I will put it on the list. Sounds fun. Nor have I tried Mezza Luna. On the list it goes!! I did try Cristina's and find it OK for a weeknight where I need some Mexican. The guacamole is WAY salty, so I have to ask them for no salt and lime in the bowl when they make it...

          I guess the other thing I forgot to mention is the SMOKING!! Besides totally grossing me out, I have asthma and can't sit through dinner in a smoking establishment. So, I have been to Main St. in Grapevine and found that all but one Italian Restaurant (not run by italians and don't serve wine??????) were smoking.

          Thanks for ALL the advice. I'll be sure to check out Gloria's and Mezza Luna.


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            Yes. Unfortunately we are in Tarrant county and there is still smoking allowed in the restaurants. Ugh. Dallas restaurants are non smoking. If you are interested, my husband and I dine out frequently in Dallas and would enjoy exploring the eating scene there with you and your boyfriend.



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              Fort Worth is now non-smoking. Yea!

        3. Southlake is the absolute center of chain proliferation, although some non-chains are starting to move to Colleyville and Southlake as they discover that many of their more affluent customers come from those towns and nearby. I live in Trophy Club and share your problems.

          Re Christina's, I don't see the attraction. It's two minutes from my house and I still won't eat there.

          Roanoke has a couple of places that are worthwhile. One is Babe's (see other posts), which has the best and cheapest fried chicken around, as well as chicken fried steak. (That's it for entrees, but the sides of corn, biscuits and mashed potatoes are all awesome.)

          The other is The Classic Cafe, which is a very nice upscale restaurant. You can hunt down their website, which gives a pretty good idea of what they are like.

          I second the recommendation of Mezza Luna.

          Colleyville has a number of supposedly very good places, none of which I have visited in their current incarnations.

          I am no fan of Market Street. There's nothing wrong with it, but it is neither fish (grocery store) nor fowl (high end market). For a high end place the standard is Central Market, and you will have one at the intersection of Carroll and Kimball before the year is over from what I've read. You'll find me in the aisles there at some point. For the moment a trip to Central Market means trekking to Fort Worth or Dallas. The Dallas store serves a more upscale clientele and has more of the really expensive goodies, plus a much more extensive selection of good wines.

          If you're into good food on a budget and don't care about ambiance, what you need to do is to go exploring in Grapevine and in the less affluent towns to the south of Southlake (they're all less afluent than Southlake). There are cheap, interesting ethnic places of all kinds in North Richland Hills, Haltom City, Wautaga etc. Harwood Road is a particularly rich source of them, and if you live not too far from Highway 121 it won't take long to get there.

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            David, thanks for the post!! I have tried Cristina's, and being that I can't find another good place (without smoking), it is where we end up for Mexican. Although, if you are really into guacamole like we are, (and this sounds weird), we go to Ana Mia's,2980 East Southlake Boulevard
            Southlake 817 748 0100, which is a chain, BUT only get the table-side guacamole with chips and ask for tortillas. They make them fresh and hot. We order a couple of beers, and voila, guacamole dinner!! The guac is WAY better, and a ton more than what we have tried at Cristina's, but the rest of the food is terrible (including margaritas).

            I'll put Babe's on the list as well as Classic Cafe. Never been... always up to try some new places, especially on recommendation.

            Colleyville... I've tried 62 Main. http://www.62mainrestaurant.com/
            Pretty good food, and interesting wine list... be careful here, as three of the wines we tried to order came out with the wrong vintage. I feel that it is a little shady when they try to do that. Kingfish downstairs (same owners, different theme)is good if you like fried food.

            I can't wait for Central Market. We had one in Walnut Creek, Ca. where I used to live, and miss it being in the same city with me. I have traveled to Dallas on several ocassions just to visit. :o) I go to Market Street now for lack of a better store in the vicinity, but find it lacks a wine selection and some of the products (yes, I am spoiled) that I want. What is with not having Mahattma rice? Hello.

            I live close enough to 121, and find myself going to Harwood Rd. for breakfast at Le Peep's. Oh yeah... that is another thing that seems non existant here... Breakfast joints. And I am not talking about IHOP. But Le Peep's is pretty good. I would suggest the belgian waffel. YUM. But, the chef does need to find his season salt for his skillet dishes. Just be warned.

            I guess I just want more GOOD places here!! My boyfriend gets home between 7:30-8pm, and we just want a place to stop over and grab a bite... but I find everything we like is a minimum of 15-20 minutes from the house... Ah, I hate being spoiled!!

            Thanks for all the info... and reading this part rant...


          2. Kincaids in Southlake is excellent for hamburgers and shakes its family owned there is another one in Ft.worth that has been there forever...very small family chain. Also Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy has the best margarita happy hour it's in Hurst, top shelf for $2.50 on Wenesdays,it is a chain but worth it just for drinks.

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            1. re: aaronswoman

              Thanks Aaronswoman!! A good place for Margaritas is a good thing to find. When you say "Embassy", you are talking the Embassy Suites??

              Kincaid's is on the list!! Thanks again,

            2. I'm not the best resource, considering I'm new to the area, but I was up in Southlake today and tried a Vietnamese place called Pho Texas, which was very good. It was located in the Kroger Shopping center near Kincaid (I think) on Southlake Blvd E.
              The pho was excellent, very flavorful and the meat was tender. The serving was huge for $5.95, I brought home half for dinner and was very full.
              I'm not sure how into ethnic foods you are, but I recommend this place.

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              1. re: QueenB

                Yummm... Pho.... I have seen that place, but never stopped in. Love ethnic foods, but like to have a recommendation for some of them, you know? Don't want to be confined to the house for two days. :o) Think bad Indian.

                I'll check it out and post when we go!!

                Thanks again...

                1. re: soapgirl

                  Tried Pho Texas. The portions were large, but I found the pho to be a lilttle boring? Maybe I got it on a bad night. We will try again. Thanks for the recommendations!!

                  1. re: soapgirl

                    Sorry about that. I'm not much of an expert, considering I've only had the dish twice. I did like it though...

                    1. re: QueenB

                      No..no... I would not have even known the place was there!! Thanks for posting... :o)

                      1. re: soapgirl

                        Michelle, there are better Vietnamese restaurants in DFW. We ate at Pho Texas once and we won't go back. I'm a big fan of Vietnamese food (used to live not too far from Little Saigon and have been to Vietnam).

                        We recommend Thai Chili in the Square(?). We tried 10+ Thai restaurants in DFW in the last 12 months or so and it's one of the better ones and one of the very few Thai restaurants in DFW that serve Mee Krob, our favorite.
                        Their Pad See Ew (my favorite) is pretty good.

                        1. re: kuidaore

                          I have secretly (as in not posting here) been enjoying Thai Chili. What I like it their willingness to make just about anything customized to your taste. Very friendly, fresh ingredients. Thanks for the post, and I will continue to try restaurants farther into Dallas, just hard on weeknights - dinner @ 8:30.

              2. There's a fun Italian place on main street in Grapevine named Napoli's. It's not terribly pretentious, but it's definitely not a chain place, and the owners cook & serve the food, as well as deliver.

                It's about 3/4 of the way up Main from 114, and about a block back from NW Hwy on the east side of the street.

                In the same area, there's Esparza's, which is on Worth St, about a block east of Main. It's a little old Tex-Mex joint in an old house. Good food, and strong margaritas!

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                1. re: mark_pruett

                  Thanks Mark!! I have been wanting to try Esparza's because it has been recommended to me a few times... but I have been hesitant because when I called them, they said they were a smoking restaurant. I am a tad touchy due to the unfortunate gift of asthma. Do you think there are parts of the restaurant that are at least semi smoke free?

                  1. re: soapgirl

                    I'm not sure. Fort Worth is one of a few major cities in TX where smoking is still allowed in restaurants.


                  2. re: mark_pruett

                    I've been to esparza's a couple of times and have been disappointed each time. The food quality is on par with the el chico's chain: very mediocre. The salsa tastes like generic tomato sauce.

                    The margaritas, though, are strong for their price. True, they are made with that same margarita powder that I've had at every mexican food place I've worked at, but the price is right (especially on game night in their bar).

                    If you want to make a fifteen minute drive, Anamia's in Flower Mound is EXCELLENT. Very good quality tasty food. If you are there with a few hungry friends, order the guacamole appetizer that they make at your table.

                    1. re: mark_pruett

                      Ok, tried Esparza's. The margaritas were strong, but the food was a little lacking. Don't think we would go back. Darn, was hoping to like it! Need a good, authentic (non Tex-Mex) Mexican joint.

                      1. re: soapgirl

                        soapgirl, if you're willing to travel a few miles, I recommend Cachito's on Central and Harwood (in Bedford, I think). They don't serve alcohol, there isn't much atmosphere, it's a mom and pop (and daughter)-run little place but has great Mexican.

                        1. re: QueenB

                          Put it on the excel spredsheet! (yes, I really do that)

                    2. I believe you can dine outside, the smoke is not so bad. The margaritas are excellent and strong!

                      1. We too moved from CA to Southlake in Aug - and have been hunting for non-chain Mexican resturants ever since! So far, for cheap Mexican = Los Campeons on Mustang Dr, about 2 miles east of Hwy 26. Unlike in CA whereas cheap mexican food attracts all types, you'll be dining with only the locals here. Also Taco House on 1709, near Davis in the Albertsons center was very good, and cheap.

                        Unfort we have not found true cheap asian chicken bowls, good cheap chinese food (except going into Dallas - Lover's Egg Roll)

                        My favorite find was Fadi's in Addison/Dallas and also the Fadi's on Knox Henderson. But with 2 kids - it's tough to find a reason to go too far out of the bubble of Southlake.

                        We do like Kincaids and Market Street (actually, Market Street Sushi is very good) Have not warmed up to Central Market.


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                        1. re: isuzudave

                          Dave, for non-chain Mexican, try Los Amigos in Grapevine, Miguelitos in Hurst or Cachitos in Bedford.

                          For good, cheap Chinese, the best I've found around is Golden Bowl in Hurst.

                          1. re: QueenB

                            I can't seem to find any info on Cachitos in Bedford.... help??

                            1. re: soapgirl

                              Here's my review:


                              I'm pretty sure it's in Bedford, but it may be Colleyville. I still can't keep all these cities straight. Number and address are included in review. I was just there this Saturday and had barbacoa and carnitas tacos. Not only is the food good, but the girl who works the counter is wonderful; both friendly and full of great information about the food.

                              1. re: soapgirl

                                Located in the Kroger Shopping Center at Central and Harwood. Le Peep is on the corner and they are just a few doors down on Central.
                                Open Monday thru Saturday, but not on Sunday.
                                Wonderful food from a family from California.

                                1. re: rebeccawise

                                  It's good to see that someone else agrees with me!

                          2. Having just moved to the area from Atlanta I totally feel your pain. We tried 62 Main, someone please tell me how on a Friday night at 6pm, you are all out of Oregon Pinot Noir? I found 62 Main to be expensive for the experience. Last night we drove around looking for dinner in Southlake. We settled on Brio, YUCK! Never again!

                            Thans for the other suggestions, we will give themn a try.

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                            1. re: chickstein

                              We just gave our 2nd and last chance to 62 Main on Saturday, 12/30/06. I find the food to be not well prepared...as in, the flavors presented just don't quite match. At best the dishes are disappointing, and at worse verging on gross. Besides the food, we were VERY disenchanted in the service. Extremely unprofessional - from the way the hostess was dressed (cleavage down to her belly button in a booty cling dress) to the waiters licking their fingers in the kitchen (we could see because we were seated next to the pizza oven near the kitchen). The waiter couldn’t seem to time our courses properly. One person would have food when the rest of the table had none. But, who could blame them for not wanting to work when the owner was at the bar watching the football game? Not once did we see him cruise through the restaurant, much less come and say hello to his tables. I guess he feels he doesn’t need the word of mouth or our business.

                              There were three of us, and this is what I can remember:

                              (Tomato & Parmesan bisque) – The flavor of this soup was complex but the texture was disgusting, almost grainy. Normally, textures do not affect my ability to eat. :o) This time, I could not get over it.

                              (Blue crab cake with tomato, avocado, cucumber and sesame avocado puree and sea salt) – This was probably the finest executed dish. The blue crab was pretty much ‘un-messed around with’ and the avocado/tomato relish on the side complimented the crab.

                              (Romaine hearts with pine nuts and, marinated olives and croutons shaved grana padano and preserved lemon dressing) – Ah, it was ok. (Hard to mess up salad). Nothing that popped and made me say ‘Wow, this is worth coming back for’.

                              (Baby arugula, endive and heirloom apple salad Texas bacon, candied pumpkin seeds and maple red wine vinaigrette) – This salad had a savory, multifaceted taste, but unfortunately, had about half the apples and pumpkin seeds the size of the salad required. It also lacked a little tang and cream that could have been given by a goat or blue cheese. If you ever have opportunity to visit New Orleans, you can have a wonderful version of this salad done right at ‘August’. I think John Besh has it perfected. Order the organic greens.

                              (Wood oven roasted Atlantic halibut chorizo, cauliflower, leeks, sultanas and fennel broth) – I am not sure how this dish tasted as I would not partake. This leads us to yet another issue with this restaurant. ALL of the fishes on the menu were unsustainably fished/caught. ALL of them. The blue crab was the only option on the menu for those of us who are concerned about the depletion of our oceans, yet still enjoy seafood. For more info see: http://www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch...
                              This dish came served in a crock, and our guest said it was ‘ok’. She didn’t finish it.

                              P.S. Sultanas, we were told, were a very special white grape, raisin. They are, in my understanding, the same as a dried ‘Thompson Seedless’.

                              (Brined Kurobuta pork chop with chestnuts & cabbage mascarpone grits and Madeira morel sauce) – We were told that Kurobuta is to pork like Kobe is to beef. Afterwards, I did some research afterwards and found this was true. Unfortunately, it didn’t change the fact that this dish was average. Maybe we just don’t like pork chops. The Madeira morel sauce was tasty.

                              Needless to say, we didn’t have dessert. Why punish ourselves further?

                              We won’t be going back. Too bad, we needed another good restaurant close by. :o(


                            2. First, from your subject line, it's TexAN, not TexITE. The latter gave me a good laugh when I thought of the infamous "dentite" Seinfeld episode.

                              The Kincaids in Southlake doesn't touch the original on Camp Bowie in Ft Worth. I can't think of a single restaurant that I would travel to in the Southlake/Colleyville area that I am loyal to. In suburbia, Addison is one of the few that I will go to for specific restaurants, and they have more restaurants per capita than anywhere in America.

                              If you're a big guac fan, give 7 Salsas a shot. They have locations in Coppell (NE corner of Denton Tap & Sandy Lake---Anamia's is also there) and North Irving (MacArthur/LBJ area).

                              Most of the non chain stuff you're looking for is going to be found IN the city and not in the 'burbs, generally speaking.

                              1. Best local restaurants in Greater Southlake:

                                1. Kincaid's
                                2. Bin 555, Coppell -- great Southwestern wine bar and grill
                                3. Coppell Deli -- old grocery and burger grill
                                4. Thai Jasmine -- Harwood in Bedford
                                5. Fish City Grill -- good little seafood cafe for a Texas suburb
                                6. Babe's
                                7. Biscuits Cafe, Grapevine -- good West Coast-style breakfast cafe
                                8. Weck's, Lewisville -- probably the closest New Mexico or Arizona-style Mex breakfast and lunch, unless you count Blue Mesa Grill
                                9. Thai Chili in the Square -- avoid all other wretched Square chain restaurants, at least until the new Campania Pizza opens
                                10. Gloria's -- if you don't like tex-mex try Salva-Mex!

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                                1. re: buck

                                  Thanks Buck!!
                                  1. Still to try, on the list
                                  2. Hmm.. new one, put on the list
                                  3. Ditto
                                  4. Still to try, on the list
                                  5. Been a couple of times (bad girl, didn't post) - while I like the waitresses, the seafood always seems to come in some kind of heavy cream sauce. They have been very nice about changing it, but they don't offer too many other choices in seasonings - we usually just order it without anything on the fish. You're right, not too bad for a Texas suburb.
                                  6. Babe's - on the list - for fried chicken, I understand?
                                  7. Biscuits Cafe - SHHH.... This has become our new breakfast place! Love the sweet potato pancakes. Comfort food breakfast, friendly service.
                                  8. Weck's - Hmm... I am hoping this is NOT like Blue Mesa Grill... That was one of our very first (even before we moved here) experiences with food in Southlake, and it was DISGUSTING. Cold food, dirty table, floors, benches, bathrooms, mediocre service. {Shiver....}
                                  9. Thai Chili - (bad, evil girl) have been going about once a month. It is close to us, and the staff is sooo friendly. They really are accommodating and will try to make anything they have ingredients for to your taste.
                                  10. Have seen it next to Market Street (right?) but never gone in... I don't know why, especially since I have seen signs that say they have live music...

                                  Thanks for all the suggestions!! I will (most likely) report back once I go, unless I am feeling wicked... :o)

                                  1. re: soapgirl

                                    Well, we tried Gloria's! Wow, I loved the fried plantains! Those were fantastic. The environment is very up beat and they have live music at night. The food is pretty good, and it was fun to try new things.

                                    1. re: soapgirl


                                      If you like the food at Glorias there is a greaat Salva-Mex place in Lewisville, unfortunately no one knows about it. Mi Patio on Main Street in Lewisville is well worth the trip. On my visit there was only two tables occupied at a huge place and I was worried. Fortunately we asked the guy who came in front of us what is good. He said everything so we took a bit to his lead and ordered a sample of all the papusas (awesome even ones I haven't had before) and had a plate of fried yucca with chiccarron. Well I have had Glorias on several occasions and I think they are bottom of the barrell for Salva-Mex. I used to have a few great options in Irving when I lived there, but for a small place tucked in a dwindling shopping center this place rocked. Fortunately the person who we asked at the door was the owner (we talked with him for over 30 mins about where he came from, what he does, his community activities). Overall a great guy and he is letting his 19 yo son run things in the front of the house, tough job. Supposedly dad is trying to mimic the plethora of taco recipes at La Paisanita on Lombardy in NW Dallas (rough area but killer tacos). It won't show up anywhere on any Dallas reviews b/c they don't get out to Lewisville that much....but it is tried and tested!!

                                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                        Thanks for the great recommendation!! We don't get up to Lewisville that often, but when we have occasion, it is nice to have good options! We have been back to Gloria's - mostly for the Friday/Saturday night live salsa music and plantains. Most of the other food is ok... but the music and margaritas are good!!

                                  2. re: buck

                                    Re: Bin 555 - tried it after it first opened, and it was WONDERFUL!! Sort of like a tapas bar, in which the extensive list of "appetizer" dishes was prepared in two or three person portions. Order a number of them and share around the table and make a meal of it. Really good food! Also a good wine selection, and just a lot of fun. Some of the desserts were just sinful. Introduced a number of friends to it and we all really enjoyed it.

                                    The menu also included a selection of dinner entrees if you were in the mood for such a thing.

                                    Unfortunately, this particular style of restaurant just didn't fly in Coppell, to our dismay. "We don't know what to order...what's a main dish??" The last time we went back (before it closed permanently,) the menu had been gutted, the wonderful dishes had been severely cut back, and there was now a children's menu, and a game room with computer games for the little dears where once had been a small dining room. The food was still very good, but the atmosphere was gone.

                                    Ah, well.

                                  3. Well here is my list, I hope it helps you.. these are in many different neighborhoods but all are non-franchise....

                                    Tuckers for the best eggs/home fries and bisquits & gravy Breakfast ends at 11:00AM
                                    5249 Davis Blvd, Fort Worth, 76180 - (817) 485-7252

                                    Ol South for the best Dutch Baby and Sweedish Pancakes
                                    509 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76107-9571

                                    Dixie House Cafe 5 Decent Breakfast and Lunch Closes at 2PM no Sundays
                                    2051 Airport Freeway, Euless, TX 76040
                                    (817) 354-5900

                                    Baley's Breakfast Brunch Lunch (817) 268-5779
                                    109 West Harwood Road, Hurst, TX 76054

                                    Chinese - Excellent chinese food with the most tender beef dishes D Magazine winner
                                    Pacific House Chinese Cuisine 817-503-7888
                                    4714 Colleyville Blvd; Colleyville TX 76034-3933

                                    Mexican - Great fajitas decent Margaritas
                                    Esparza'a 817 481 4668
                                    124 East Worth Street, Grapevine, TX 76051-5315

                                    Chicago Syle Pizza's & Italian Beef Sandwitches
                                    Little Joe's Famous Chicago Pizza and Restaurante
                                    104 Navajo Drive, Keller, TX 76244
                                    (817) 753-6300

                                    Texas BBQ - GreatPulled Pork, Texas BBQ & Homemade Deserts (Free Beer)
                                    Red Barn Bar-B-Que
                                    4913 Colleyville Blvd. Colleyville, TX 76034
                                    (817) 788-4553

                                    Fun Outdoor Bar in Warm Weather
                                    Colleyville Rock Cafe - (817) 498-2229
                                    5005 Colleyville, Colleyville, TX 76034

                                    Best Frozen Custard Ever!!!!
                                    Wooleys - http://www.woolleysfrozencustard.com/
                                    124 Grapevine Highway, Hurst, TX 76054 817 428 4464

                                    1. Soapgirl,

                                      I would recommend Oishi in Lewisville (Main & Garden Ridge...luckily I am within walking distance). The sushi chef (Jin) there is used to regulars talking to him and not handing him a menu. I know they get fresh shipments in on Thursdays and I believe Fridays. If you have something you are looking for (i.e. sea cucumber, snapper head, etc) he can acommodate you if you call him and let him know what you want and what day you will be there. Weekends are usually better as he order his fish selections for the busier days. I have been going there for about 2 years now and I like it better than most places in Dallas and Plano.


                                      For breakfast in Lewisville I would recommend Ham N Eggs on Round Grove Rd (FM 3040/Flower Mound Rd/it has about 5 names


                                      I would second the recommendation for Weck's on Main St between Valley Pkwy and Surf St.

                                      For Vietnamese there are a few places in Haltom City (not to far of a drive) better would be Central Arlington (360 & Pioneer Pkwy). I would check out the FW Weekly for some recommendations. Not that many chowhounders in Tarrant county (for some odd reason...maybe they are on Yelp?)


                                      Chinese.....would save some money and go either to the Carollton or Arlington location of First Chinese BBQ.

                                      Moroccan - Kasbah Grill in NWC of Rochelle & Esters in Irving. Not great digs since the place was a former 7-11. I liked all the dishes I have had there and the tangines were awesome. Also the majority of couscous dishes were good. They get a great following from the nearby mosque on the other side of the fire station/police academy which is next door!

                                      Mexican - I would agree with earlier posts Los Amigos, Miguelitos and Cachitos

                                      Indian - again save up some gas money and head to Irving. Pasand across from Irving Mall on Belt Line (same shopping center as Hooters)....excellent. A bit scary for the first timer Taj Chaat House NEC of Rochelle and MacArthur. I think this is probably the most authentic Indian place I have been to (very little English spoke). They do make an awesome Mysore Masala Dosa, fresh. Provided the menu below so you can do some reseach on the dishes.


                                      Thai - I would second the recommendation for Thai Chili....I used to live in Las COlinas and ate at the one in the Urban Center there all the time I am sure the dishes are of the same quality.

                                      I wish I could give more Southlake based places, but in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village we have a bit of the same situation. That being said I sometimes try out Denton, a few places hidden in the plethora of chains there also!

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                                      1. re: soulslinger

                                        Thanks for the great suggestions... been away for a while.
                                        We go to Thai Chili alot, especially since we went Vegan for a short while... now we are more flexitarian... but they do great veg dishes...
                                        Have company coming to town... so maybe take them to Oishi.

                                        Thanks again!

                                      2. I can tell you where NOT to go ... Pacific House in Colleyville. Dining there was a bad experience. I ordered a pasta dish that supposedly contained chicken. The amount of chicken in the dish was very negligible, maybe a teaspoon or so of tiny little pieces. When I asked for more, I was insulted by both the waiter and the female manager/owner. Both of them pretended not to understand that I did not think there was enough chicken and pretended not to understand when I asked for more chicken. And they kept repeating over and over "there's chicken, there's chicken". I was shocked and insulted that they cared so little about a customer being made happy by bringing out more chicken. It would have taken so little to change my opinion of them and of the dish I ordered. But at this time, I will never return there again and I would not recommend this place to anyone. If you eat what they bring and you are satisfied, you will be fine. But you cannot ask them to change anything, or bring anything extra. I am amazed at how little regard they have for customers.

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                                        1. re: darlenet

                                          Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I have actually been there before for lunch, and found everything ok. But I wouldn't recommend it to others as anything special. I always find it so disapointing when service is so poor. Your right, a tad more chicken could have made for a different dining experience.