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Sep 18, 2006 06:30 PM

[DFW] San Franciscan turned Texite in Need of EXTREME help

Moved to Southlake (exactly between the "Two" cities) and have been struggling through all the chain restaurants. Ack!! Are there any decent "mom and pop" aka non-chain establishements in my area at all? Pllllllleeeeaaaaaasee... help me!!

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  1. Listen in Colleyville on hwy 26 there is a grocery store I know it sounds wierd but its great its called "Marketstreet" and they have the best sandwich's and pizza. Also a great selection of produce.

    1. Also in Colleyville in the Village off Highway 26 there is a great local restaurant called 62 Main. The chef there, David McMillan, started out in Northern Cal,and then the Anatole Hotel in Dallas. Many of his dishes have the Napa/No.Cal. influence. He also has more casual fish place right below called Kingfish.
      In the same shopping center where the above mentioned Marketstreet is, there's a place called Gloria's that has Salvadoran food and live music and salsa dancing on the weekends.
      Over in Grapevine there's quite a few local restaurants on Main St.and also on Northwest Highway some are pretty good, some just OK.
      Over in Keller just up 1709 there's and Italian place called Mezza Luna (no relation to the one in LA.) Ate there once, decent food, good service.
      In Trophy Club up off 114 there's a Tex-Mex place called Christina's. Big menu and good tableside guacamole.
      If you're looking for something more adventurous and interesting then you'll need to go to Dallas.
      Hope that helps!

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        i'm in agreement with all of munchie1's great suggestions. (i like market street better than central mkt, myself.)

        i ate at classic cafe a few months ago, was mystified by the raves. i guess it's better than not having a place out there at all, but not a place i'd recommend

        don't forget kincaid's, right there on southlake blvd; just a funky burger joint, but a FW oldie that wins lots of awards for best burger. also funky but def mom-and-pop is Feedstore BBQ, 530 S. White Chapel Blvd., 817-488-1445.

        there's also Severine's, 621 E. Southlake, 817-912-0387, by jean-michel sakouhi, who used to work at the mansion on turtle creek (among many other places)

        and a coupla good asian places: Eden Bistro, 480 W. Southlake Blvd, 817-748-0028, and Sushi Sam's, with xlent sushi and really cool sake samplers

        1. re: teegee

          Hey Teegee!! Thanks for posting some help. Haven't been to Kincaid's yet, but from the posts about it, I'm going to give it a shot. Funky is definately ok with me as long as the food is worth it!! I have been meaning to try Feedstore BBQ, but with no one's word to go on, I was a little skeptical (uh, looks like a feedstore).

          I have been to Farpointe Wine Cellars, 721 E. Southlake Blvd., and found that they are sorely lacking in wine knowledge... At least the 12 year old girls that work there. I find the bottles stored upright, in direct light at room temperature (which in the summer was a little higher than 50-60 degrees). They recommended a wine "because, like, all her freinds and all the girls that work there really dig it". I swear I think the pours for wine tastings are AN ounce. Now I have been three or four times, trying to see if I hit it on a bad day... but the experience has always been the same. I did find that the associated store right next door had some better educated help and the wine was stored properly.

          So, I will definately try out Severine's!! I love little wine bars...

          OK... so a question about Sushi edicate here in Texas... I am used to sitting at the sushi bar and ordering from the chef... we talk, he tells me what is fresh, we laugh, share sake. But here (Sushi Sam's, Kobeya, Cowtown Sushi) I find these little slips of paper all over the bar, the sushi chef never looks up and I am completely lost as to what I am supposed to do. Now deduction tells me that I am supposed to fill out that little slip of paper with what I want... But how do I know what I want unless I talk to the chef? And what if I want more? What if he wants to recommend something special?? Any suggestions????

          Thanks for the recommends... I will post again when I try them!


          1. re: soapgirl

            for wine have you tried Off the Vine, a small wine shop in the Southlake Town Center? They also have a cute wine bar next door called Into the Glass. I've enjoyed both.

        2. re: munchie1

          Thanks Munchie1! I have tried 62 Main and really enjoyed it. Also tried Kingfish below, but I am not that into fried food so that left almost everything on the menu out and the colors in there made me dizzy (not that I couldn't put up with it if the food was great)! I have not tried Gloria's, so I will put it on the list. Sounds fun. Nor have I tried Mezza Luna. On the list it goes!! I did try Cristina's and find it OK for a weeknight where I need some Mexican. The guacamole is WAY salty, so I have to ask them for no salt and lime in the bowl when they make it...

          I guess the other thing I forgot to mention is the SMOKING!! Besides totally grossing me out, I have asthma and can't sit through dinner in a smoking establishment. So, I have been to Main St. in Grapevine and found that all but one Italian Restaurant (not run by italians and don't serve wine??????) were smoking.

          Thanks for ALL the advice. I'll be sure to check out Gloria's and Mezza Luna.


          1. re: soapgirl

            Yes. Unfortunately we are in Tarrant county and there is still smoking allowed in the restaurants. Ugh. Dallas restaurants are non smoking. If you are interested, my husband and I dine out frequently in Dallas and would enjoy exploring the eating scene there with you and your boyfriend.



            1. re: munchie1

              Fort Worth is now non-smoking. Yea!

        3. Southlake is the absolute center of chain proliferation, although some non-chains are starting to move to Colleyville and Southlake as they discover that many of their more affluent customers come from those towns and nearby. I live in Trophy Club and share your problems.

          Re Christina's, I don't see the attraction. It's two minutes from my house and I still won't eat there.

          Roanoke has a couple of places that are worthwhile. One is Babe's (see other posts), which has the best and cheapest fried chicken around, as well as chicken fried steak. (That's it for entrees, but the sides of corn, biscuits and mashed potatoes are all awesome.)

          The other is The Classic Cafe, which is a very nice upscale restaurant. You can hunt down their website, which gives a pretty good idea of what they are like.

          I second the recommendation of Mezza Luna.

          Colleyville has a number of supposedly very good places, none of which I have visited in their current incarnations.

          I am no fan of Market Street. There's nothing wrong with it, but it is neither fish (grocery store) nor fowl (high end market). For a high end place the standard is Central Market, and you will have one at the intersection of Carroll and Kimball before the year is over from what I've read. You'll find me in the aisles there at some point. For the moment a trip to Central Market means trekking to Fort Worth or Dallas. The Dallas store serves a more upscale clientele and has more of the really expensive goodies, plus a much more extensive selection of good wines.

          If you're into good food on a budget and don't care about ambiance, what you need to do is to go exploring in Grapevine and in the less affluent towns to the south of Southlake (they're all less afluent than Southlake). There are cheap, interesting ethnic places of all kinds in North Richland Hills, Haltom City, Wautaga etc. Harwood Road is a particularly rich source of them, and if you live not too far from Highway 121 it won't take long to get there.

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          1. re: David Pearlman

            David, thanks for the post!! I have tried Cristina's, and being that I can't find another good place (without smoking), it is where we end up for Mexican. Although, if you are really into guacamole like we are, (and this sounds weird), we go to Ana Mia's,2980 East Southlake Boulevard
            Southlake 817 748 0100, which is a chain, BUT only get the table-side guacamole with chips and ask for tortillas. They make them fresh and hot. We order a couple of beers, and voila, guacamole dinner!! The guac is WAY better, and a ton more than what we have tried at Cristina's, but the rest of the food is terrible (including margaritas).

            I'll put Babe's on the list as well as Classic Cafe. Never been... always up to try some new places, especially on recommendation.

            Colleyville... I've tried 62 Main.
            Pretty good food, and interesting wine list... be careful here, as three of the wines we tried to order came out with the wrong vintage. I feel that it is a little shady when they try to do that. Kingfish downstairs (same owners, different theme)is good if you like fried food.

            I can't wait for Central Market. We had one in Walnut Creek, Ca. where I used to live, and miss it being in the same city with me. I have traveled to Dallas on several ocassions just to visit. :o) I go to Market Street now for lack of a better store in the vicinity, but find it lacks a wine selection and some of the products (yes, I am spoiled) that I want. What is with not having Mahattma rice? Hello.

            I live close enough to 121, and find myself going to Harwood Rd. for breakfast at Le Peep's. Oh yeah... that is another thing that seems non existant here... Breakfast joints. And I am not talking about IHOP. But Le Peep's is pretty good. I would suggest the belgian waffel. YUM. But, the chef does need to find his season salt for his skillet dishes. Just be warned.

            I guess I just want more GOOD places here!! My boyfriend gets home between 7:30-8pm, and we just want a place to stop over and grab a bite... but I find everything we like is a minimum of 15-20 minutes from the house... Ah, I hate being spoiled!!

            Thanks for all the info... and reading this part rant...


          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Kincaids in Southlake is excellent for hamburgers and shakes its family owned there is another one in Ft.worth that has been there forever...very small family chain. Also Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy has the best margarita happy hour it's in Hurst, top shelf for $2.50 on Wenesdays,it is a chain but worth it just for drinks.

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              1. re: aaronswoman

                Thanks Aaronswoman!! A good place for Margaritas is a good thing to find. When you say "Embassy", you are talking the Embassy Suites??

                Kincaid's is on the list!! Thanks again,