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Sep 18, 2006 06:29 PM

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in D.C........

My parents are coming to visit I've only lived here for a month.I would preferre to buy their food most of the time but I also have five children so I need INEXSPENSIVE with still all the the quality and charm D.C offers so basically where the locals go with little money. Also I could spend more per plate if the portions are big enough to split! Suggestions would be great...

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  1. There are many, many options in the area. Are you limited to just DC? Since you live in NoVa, is that a possibility for you?
    Will you take suggestions of ANY cuisine, downscale surroundings or not?

    1. yes and no...definitely lunch in D.C. since we will be site seeing, but dinner could be in NoVa since we will be heading home around that time!!

      1. On weekends only, the platters of food at El Pike are enormous. These are not listed in the menu but are written on a whiteboard. They have a platter of chicken and duck combination that is very, very good. Add to that saltenas (like soupy empanadas) and humintas (corn cakes stuffed with cheese) and you have an incredible feast.
        I would say an $18 platter could feed a family of four hungry people. If there is a buffet, avoid it.

        El Pike is in the Willston Shopping Center at Parick Henry and Rte 50. Seven Corners.

        1. If you end up near the White House close to lunchtime, the Breadline is right arouind the corner and a good lunch option. Sandwiches and portions generally are large and lend themselves to sharing. Great fries, pizzas too. NOTE: WEEKDAYS ONLY!

          1. For lunch/brunch you can't go wrong with 24-hour breakfast fare at the Diner in Adams Morgan. With dirt cheap prices and kid-friendly atmosphere, there is something for everyone from a stack of pancakes, milk shakes, pork chops, eggs, hash brown, french toast and a variety of burgers and sandwiches. Or try to grab a seat at its sister restaurant Open City in Cleveland Park, same fare with pizzas and salads thrown in at bargain prices.