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Sep 18, 2006 06:14 PM

SF Chowhounder Looking for Recs in NYC

Hi everybody,

I live in San Francisco and am coming to NYC for 4 day in a couple weeks. I am very interested in focusing my trip around eating. I am hoping to eat out all three nights and catch a couple good lunches. I have heard good things about a noodle house called Mamafucos (sp?) in the village. Do you recommend it, what's the cuisine/atmosphere? Also, I am a cook in a Spanish restaurant here in San Francisco and would be interested in finding a nice Spanish place. I heard that Mario Batali's ex-Sous Chef, Joe something, opened a Spanish restaurant somewhat recently, but don't know much other than that. I'd also like to find a nice upscale Greek spot. I've been to Jose Andres' Zaytinya in Washington D.C. and had one of the best dining experiences in a long time. I have a friend who works at Pearl Oyster Bar who I'd like to visit, is it worth eating there? I'm 22, living on a cook's wages, but I don't mind spending $50 a head on food, more for drinks. Any other spots I shouldn't miss, particulary late-night places in the village?

Thanks for the recs!

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  1. Here's a recent post on Momofuku:
    I haven't been, but there is a new upscale Greek spot, Parea, that has received some good reviews.
    Pearl Oyster Bar has a lot of fans. I think the food is fine but lackluster.
    I'm not sure I know what you're talking about w/the ex-Batali sous-chef. A former Babbo pasta chef started Enoteca Barbone (Italian) in the E Vill several months ago. It is a good neighborhood Italian.

    1. I think the Spanish place you are referring to is Casa Mono. Mario Batali is an owner along with his former chef at Babbo, Andy Nusser. A quick search on this board will give you a lot of posts about the place. Ethos is very good for Greek, although I have not been there in the last 6 months.Have not been to Momofuku.

      1. I've heard that NYC chefs go to Blue Ribbon (in SOHO) to eat after they close up their own places. Blue Ribbon is supposed to have very unique food.

        1. cafe espanol on carmine street is a really nice spanish place in the west village. they have a great lobster special and fantastic sangria along with many other spanish speciaties. sooooo yummy!

          1. Momofuku is a great noodle shop, especially for the area. Pearl oyster bar is also terrific, though you should be careful about showing up... at peak hours it can be a long wait. In the east village (not too far away from POB and Momofuku), there is a terrific spanish late night spot called Bar Carrera. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Small plates only, but a wonderful selection and a great atmosphere. Tapas-ish places may sound silly to you, but this place really shines. Barca 18 also has good spanish food, though it's a little further north, a little more conceptual and a LOT bigger. I live in the East Village and my favorite restaurant in this area is Itzocan. Don't poo-poo east coast plate mexican until you've tried this place. I've lived in Santa Fe, and this place rates with Pasquals (not quite THAT good, but close).