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Sep 18, 2006 05:52 PM

Right now -- refurbished Kitchenaid mixer for $100 on Amazon

Refurbished,only in white. $124.99 which is just under the $125 for the $25 coupon. Just add a kitchen tool or some sponges to get you over the threshold.

I've bought a few refurbished items from Amazon and haven't had a problem. Good deal if you are willing to take a risk.

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  1. I bought a refurbished KitchenAid Pro and have been very happy with it, so I second the vote for trying refurbished.

    1. How long have you had it? I've been tempted, but always end up balking at FRUs of expensive items...

      PS: I don't know if it's still there, but there were a couple of other refurbs showing last night, including one of the 475W/lifting head mixers for $125 after rebate...

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      1. re: MikeG

        I've had it about 1 year now. It's had moderate use (sometimes weekly, sometimes daily). I've used it for bread w/ dough hook & cakes. Sorry I took so long to answer!

      2. I shy away from these deals, especially when "trust us, there's a warranty" is the only response to specific questions about what went into the rebuild process. I'm guessing fried motors and/or stripped gears or loose bearings. Since I rarely get details about these sorts of meaningful things, I consider refurbs a false economy. Given the longevity of KA stand mixers under normal use(mine is 12 years old and still purring), I pale to think what torture these poor refurbs endured in their former lives.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Some would take the opposite viewpoint: that through the vigorous testing applied to refurbished models and the individual attention needed to send them back out again, that your chances with re-furbished are actually much better than with a brand new one. Certainly the warranty is an issue (only 6 months vs. 1 yr for new), but since you get 30-days to test it out before the Amazon return policy expires, you can really go to town on it.

          The truth is that a brand new KA mixer is beyond the budget for a lot of people, or some people are reluctant to pay full retail price for an appliance they don't plan to use that much, but a $100 model may persuade them to give it a chance.

          PS. Amazon has some new ones on sale too.

        2. "some people are reluctant to pay full retail price for an appliance they don't plan to use that much"

          That's me. I have a good hand mixer, and a tiny kitchen, I don't bake bread and I don't bake much that "needs" a stand mixer in general. But there are times when it'd be really nice to have.

          I'm still on the fence about (relatively) expensive refurbs, though. I've always heard that KA is pretty good about even post-warranty dealings on the new machines, I wonder if that's true of their refurbs, too?

          1. Watch out for the Artisan series. You see them refurbished all over the place. There is a reason for that. Lots of problems.
            Go with the pro series.