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Wedding dinner restaurant suggestions, please!

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My man and I are getting married. Small civil ceremony on a Thursday afternoon in the B.H. Courthouse. I'm thinking a drink at the Bel Air Hotel afterwards would be nice. We're trying to sort out the ideal restaurant for dinner that evening. There will probably be eight or nine of us. Anywhere in Los Angeles would be fine. Something on the coast would be lovely. I want the food to be excellent. I've thought of Sona and Spago and Campanile. I was not that fired up about our meal at Providence. How's the restaurant at the Ritz in Marina Del Rey? Is Patina any good these days?

Any and all input will be very much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  1. Private Room at MELISSE.

      1. talk to the folks at Geoffrey and make up a special menu, the regularly offered menu is ok but has some pretty big pitfalls. Get the outside area for yourselves. It's beautiful.

        1. Why not dine at Hotel Bel Air? Dine in the main dining room, or better yet, the al fresco area in the garden.

          And then head into the handsome bar afterwards for drinks. Be sure to ask Antonio to play you something -- he knows so many songs by heart! Ooh, and share a Bel Air Souffle. :)

          1. Jer-ne at the Ritz-Carlton would not be my choice for the occasion. It is not romantic and the food, while interesting, is not wonderful. In addition to the suggestions already made (though I do not care for the food at Geoffrey's, it is a nice space), you might consider the following: Cafe del Rey (in MDR), La Cachette (Century City), L'Orangerie (La Cienega--closing in December, which means the quality will likely diminish as the end draws near but it is still the prettiest space in town), Ortolan (3rd near La Cienega), Valentino (on Pico in WLA), or Vincenti (on San Vicente in Brentwood).

            1. congratulations!

              if you're getting married in the afternoon, perhaps staying on the westside is your best bet.

              for momentous occasions as these, i get nostalgic. you might want a place you and your future groom can return for many years. unfortunately, restaurants in l.a. come and go. not a great metaphor for marriage.

              so, restaurants with staying power are probably going to be at hotels: the polo lounge or the bel air. but maybe not the best food. or spago, but i'm not sure i'd call that nostalgic.

              the chef at JAAN in the l'ermitage down the street is executing wonderfully and the dining room or the small private room is festive.

              i hear alain giraud (formerly bastide) will be cooking with sean hardy at the belvedere at the peninsula through 9/30. maybe that's the call.

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                The hotels in Santa Monica are likely going to be there for the next 50 years or so. Casa del Mar or Shutters will have really nice spaces for drinks, etc. at the beach.

                I like the suggestion of Geoffreys, in Malibu. You can't beat the location or the view, and if fellow hounds say you can talk to the chef and as a result be served high quality food, then I'd go for it.

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                  forgot about CDM. have not eaten with the new chef there yet, but they have a nice private room sort of strangely located off the restaurant (you need to walk past the kitchen door).

                  probably just me, but i don't care for the food at geoffrey's.

              2. Just remembered - Michael's on 3rd in Santa MOnica has a private dining room upstairs. talk with the chef about a special prix-fixe menu for your special occasion.