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Sep 18, 2006 05:51 PM

Best Hot Chocolate in ATL

I'm newly moved from New York City to Atlanta and I know this is premature, but now that it's getting to be autumn, I'll be craving hot chocolate very soon. Not just Swiss Miss or even Ghirardelli, but the rich, thick kind that's made with melted chocolate and, if you let it get cold, thickens into almost a pudding consistency. In New York, City Bakery, Jacques Torres and Mariebelle were my main sources. Is there anything like that here?

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  1. Not having tried the NYC versions you describe I can't speak to the possible similarity, but Pura Vida serves hot cocoa with churros that's very rich and might possibly hit the spot.

    1. Therese-- thanks! I've been meaning to check Pura Vida out anyway, so I'll make sure to order the hot chocolate. A Latin American place back in NY used to have a hot chocolate/churros dessert that sounds similar.