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Sep 18, 2006 05:43 PM

Paul's Spaghetti on Cosburn

A thread below mentioned this as a hidden gem. I've passed it many times without a second glance. I suppose I assumed the worst because of its location.

Seriously, is it good? What to order? Tell me more.

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  1. It is very good. We have tried the's the speciality so you can't go wrong. Friends of ours have had veal and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I have had the salmon many times and have never regretted. It's where we go when we want to have special dinner close to home (we live within walking distance).
    My best advice....always make a reservation. Every time we are there we see them turning people away.

    Try will enjoy.

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        They do have gnocci, in a gorgonzola cream sauce that is just To. Die. For.

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      Paul's Spaghetti
      488 Cosburn Ave, Toronto, ON M4J2N5, CA

      1. excellent veal and gnocci. had them both, never dissapoint. my fav is the plain old spaghetti with meat sauce............extremely tasty.

        1. How come this is the first I've heard of this place? Now I can't wait to try it as I'm a confirmed pastaholic.

          1. Anyone know how many veggie pastas there are available? Besides the gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce, which sounds great for one of my off-diet days!