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Any opinions about this restaurant? My hubbby wants to go there for his birthday when we are there in October. Thanks.

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  1. It's wonderful. Another suggestion if open would be Commander's Palace, as it is a NOLA institution. Looks like that is what you are aiming for. So many truly fantastic choices are open in NOLA.

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      Thanks. This will be our 23rd trip since September 2001. We have never been to KPauls.

    2. I'm not a fan. We much prefer Brigtsen's where the student has far surpassed the master IMNSHO. If you've never been there I'd recommend it for a first visit. The food is arguably better, the prices are about 25% less, and the service is as warm and unpretentious as you will find anywhere. That was certainly not the case when we visited K-Paul's. The entire staff made it seem as if they wanted to be anywhere but working at the restaurant.

      1. K-Pauls is my all time favorite New Orleans restaurant. The food is exceptional, the room is warm and lively, and Paul's presence adds to the fun as he second line's through with the band. I have never had anything but excellent food there. He cooks with love and it shows. Sorry about GroovinGourmet's experience, but it's far from the usual reaction. I live here, and if I had the $$$, I'd eat there at least once a week!

        1. K-Paul's is one of my favorite restaurants as well. However, I have recommended it more than once to people who didn't like it. The food is very, very rich, and I think people who are used to light, California-cuisine-type offerings are overwhelmed.

          I do like Brigtsen's, but in my opinion he has not reached the level of mastery of flavor layers that Chef Paul has. If you've ever watched his cooking show, you'll see what I mean.

          1. K-Paul's is a great restaurant, the best Cajun restaurant in the world.

            He went through a period of extraordinary early success but then had severe health problems and the restaurant floundered in the mid to late 90s. We went there several times during that period and it was uncrowd and inexpensive. No longer. The management of the kitchen has tightened up, the food is more consistent, the crowds are larger and the prices are higher.

            You have to understand that this is very unhealthy food with a lot of sugar and fat. And it doesn't look particularly elegant, either. But it is a style you ought to try.

            1. Great restaurant- great man.
              After intermittent crying at the tv images of Katrina for several days, he was one of the first truely inspiring images I saw on TV- his getting out there and cooking for all those relief people.
              I'm truely humbled by the spirit of Paul as well as the US Coast Guard.

              1. When we first started going to N.O. in the early '90's, we went to K-Pauls a couple of times. The food was good, not spectacular.
                Post K, we decided to give it another try, based on how much Chef Paul did for the community and the rescue/relief people and it was GREAT! We thought the gumbo was the best we'd ever had, and we've had plenty over the years. Truthfully, we were VERY pleasantly surprised and would go back in a heartbeat!
                Sure, the food is rich...but who goes out for a special meal to eat broiled, skinless chicken and steamed broccoli? Bring on the butter!

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                  Yes, you ought to have gone back.

                  Yes, the food is rich (he puts a lot of sugar into most everything)

                  Yes, a health food place this isn't.

                  Yes, it is good.

                  Yes, it is expensive.

                  Yes, it is worth it.

                2. My birthday is coming up & I will have a "day before birthday" lunch there!
                  I have never had a less than wonderful meal at K-Paul's. Go & enjoy!

                  1. By all means try it. In New Orleans, discussion about good food and which restaurants are the best is equivalent to heated discussions about politics and religion. Try any restaurant that you would like and form your own opinion. Then you can join in this religious-like New Orleans tradition of vehemently defending your favorite restaurants and dishes! Eating in New Orleans is as important, perhaps more so, as anything else in life. Most of all, laissez les bons temps rouler!

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                      The best reason to try K-Paul's is because it's good Cajun since he's from Opelousas.
                      Then read kdbroussa's post about the classic NOLA restaurants that have been around for a century or more that still cook the original Creole food. Choose one of those as well. Perhaps Galatoire's is easier for a first-timer.
                      This will give you the two original influences on New Orleans cuisine. After that, waves of immigrants changed the food scene and have continued to alter it for better or worse.
                      Some of the very best modern food in NOLA springs from a thorough understanding of those classic roots. Otherwise you might as well be eating in any other good restaurant in the US.

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                        I wouldn't call K-Paul's a Cajun restaurant. Prudhomme, in his original cookbook, says that's he cooking Louisiana Cuisine, and I think he's exactly right. His style may be closer to his Cajun origins, but many of the dishes springs from his own creativity.

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                          I agree, Frolic. Prudhomme's cooking isn't truly Cajun because that's home cooking and you're not going to get that in a New Orleans restaurant. The closest you'll come is diners and general stores in small towns in Acadiana. But if someone isn't going to get off the beaten track and explore for a few days on the way to Lafayette or somewhere, K-Paul's may be their best shot at the sense of it. He has a broader menu than Bon Ton Cafe; I thought Mulate's was ordinary.
                          My father, full Cajun, didn't care that much for K-Paul's because he thought it was too citified but I think Prudhomme honors the roots and flavors better than other restaurants. I learned to cook the real stuff from my Cajun relatives and personally don't use Prudhomme's recipes other than for historical references.

                    2. "Prudhomme honors the roots and flavors better than other restaurants"
                      I totally agree with this notion as it pertains to KPauls. However, I would match him up against any modern chef in a Cajun cooking contest and bet on Paul every time.
                      Notice I said "modern chef". He learned at the apron strings of his Momma, but there are probably some grandmas and great grandmas in Acadiana that could give him a run for his money.

                      1. We went to K-Paul's for my hubby's bday. It was divine. I love his food. We are going back in January when we return to New Orleans for our 24th visit!!!!

                        1. This post reminded me how much I'd like to get the jambalaya and the blackened beef tenderloins with "debris" sauce again at K-Paul's. *sigh*

                          1. Whatever you do, save room for coconut cake.
                            It remains one of my all-time favorite desserts.
                            If you don’t have room – take a piece (or 2) to go!
                            I really WISH that was something we would have done.
                            You won’t be disappointed with your meal or the service.
                            K-Paul’s has my vote!

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                              Do you still have to order it in advance- if so, how much in advance?

                            2. Funny you should ask that question. We had been
                              told the coconut cake wasn’t always available
                              (This cake takes three days to make per our
                              waitress). When we called to make our reservation,
                              we also asked if there was a way to request/reserve
                              a piece of coconut cake. The answer was no. The hostess suggested calling again closer to our reservation date and they’d do what they could for us (we were coming from Maryland). We called so many times that when we walked
                              into K-Paul’s and gave our name, the woman said, “Ahhh....the coconut cake people!” I would make the request when you book your reservation – and call again a day or two before your dinner. If this seems/sounds frivolous...you just haven’t tasted the coconut cake. They were MOST accommodating.

                              1. We ate at K-Pauls on Thurs. last. It was as good as it ever was. The Debris was excellent and the swordfish, to die for.