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Sep 18, 2006 05:36 PM

Braun Tassimo v. Keurig K-60?

I'm in the market for a quality single-cup hot beverage machine and I've narrowed it down to these two choices. I'm hoping anyone with experience with either, positive or negative, will chime in. I've read about a zillion reviews on Amazon, but I trust chowhounders' opinions so much more.

Here's a little bit about what I'm after:
-- Primarily, I want a quality, fresh cup of coffee dispensed into my travel mug during the workweek. All feedback I've seen says the Keurig K-cup system brews the best coffee.

-- My guy drinks tea, not coffee, so the system I choose should have a good selection of quality tea varieties. And he has expressed the wish to be able to play with my toy, make hot chocolate for guests -- so here, the Braun edges out the Keurig.

-- I'd also be thrilled to get rid of my inferior espresso machine but still have the ability to make a latte or cappucino. We are looking at move within the next year that may be to some godforsaken place without decent coffee, thanks to the Air Force. So once again, the Braun looks more appealing.

-- I have a strong aversion to cheap plasticy things and unsupported technology -- so the fact that Braun's t-discs are the only game in town and they're new to boot, while Keurig K-cups come from many brands and manufacturers and have been around the block makes me think I should go with the tried and true.

Thoughts? Feedback? Interpretive dance? Help me, O wise hounds.

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  1. I received a free Tassimo at work...My husband keeps it on his desk at his job and loves the convenience. We received a bunch of free product with it so haven't tried all the varieties of coffee, tea, etc available with it.

    We've had the Gevalia coffes - decaf and signature. This is a good cup of coffee. The cappuccino and lattes may be disappointing to you as they use UHT milk. If you can, definitely try this before you buy if you're buying this for making milk drinks. Have only had the Earl Grey tea - Twinings. Nice. The hot chocolate is My husband has decided he likes it just for a basic cup of joe in the morning...nothing fancy. For an occasional latte he makes one at home with our Nexpresso using regular milk(Ok we're pod people apparently LOL)

    Haven't tried the Keurig. We're goign to start carrying them at work soon(i work in a kitchen soon) so I"m curious to try it out. I like the fact the pods for this one isn't proprietary.

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      Thanks for the input! I'm still torn. On the one hand, I could just get the Keurig and then a cute stovetop cow-print Mokka for my cappucinos and lattes. But on the other, my guy vastly prefers Twinings tea to Bigelow. Actually, so do I. So once again, the Braun can't be counted out entirely.

    2. I have the Keurig and really love it. I order the k-cups from and found the selection and price to be great. The Keurig also comes with a cool attachment where you can put in your own favorite ground coffee or lose tea. I think it's wonderful. I think there are 3 different models and we got the mid-level one. We've had it for about 1 1/2 years now and would definitely get another one if this one conks out for any reason.

      1. I own and use the Keurig and I realy love it also. I am now trying to purchase the attachment where I can also use my own coffee grounds or my wife can use her tea. I also like it when company comes over I can make flavored coffe for those that want it and different strengths for others. Me I like it as strong as I can get it. LOL

        1. Keurig is owned by Green Mountain Coffee which is one of the most respected and ethical companies in the US. That being said, the Keurig is an excellent brewer which I'm sure you will be completely pleased with.

          1. The original post is now old I see, but I'll add this just in case it helps others looking at these. We have a Keurig and it's great, although the Tassimo is more versatile. Also, just as an update, Tassimo has been adding more disc providers. They now have Seattle's Best providing coffee discs, for example.

            Another thing to consider is cost of the single servings. The K-cups tend to be somewhat less expensive on average than the T-discs. K-cups can get really cheap if you order certain doubled up packages from Amazon (50 cups at a time). Your Tassimo latte/cappucino can run well over a dollar for the cup with the 2-3 discs you may be using to make it, but again, it has that versatility of making those things whereas the Keurig does not.

            With the latest Tassimo developments I sometimes think we might have chosen otherwise if we had it to do over again, but then again we also joke that it's a good thing the machine can't make a latte or we'd have too many fattening drinks from it. ;-) I personally don't drink coffee, but I like tea from the Keurig.