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Sep 18, 2006 04:56 PM

Seattle Seafood Restaurant

Hi, Trying to recall a seafood restaurant I heard about in Seattle. It's part of a small chain based in Minneapolis. Any ideas? I thought I read about it here but cannot find any posts about it.

Otherwise, what's a not to miss seafood place for dinner near downtown?


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  1. Andrew, You're thinking of "Oceanaire". For locally owned, I would suggest Etta's on the North end of Pike's Market. Also, the mussels at Maximillien's At The Market should be on your short list. (Maximillien's is a great place for lunch with a rustic bar upstairs ideal for a casual lunch or dinner.)

    1. Thanks, I just found it anyway. I do prefer to support local business's , but in my view a chain's a chain. Etta's seems to be hit or miss based on comments I read whereas The Oceanaire seems to be more consistently liked.

      Would ultimately prefer a local place with "ecologically caught" in-season fish, but I'm with a group that needs to stay close to the hotel (Inn at the Market). They're not as food snobby as my wife and I and I don't want to make a big deal of it.

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        Count me as a "hit". Etta's is just a few blocks from the Inn at the Market (lovely place - we also stayed there), and our meal there (my wife's salmon in particular) was excellent. Incidentally, their triple coconut cream pie was one of the single best desserts I've had anywhere.

      2. i have never been unhappy at oceanaire - cannot say the same for etta's - you may also enjoy cutter's bayhouse at the north end of the market (2 blocks from your hotel) and across the street from etta's - commendable food and a quite nice view.

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          I HAVE been unhappy at Oceanaire, particularly recently. The seafood is not cooked properly. We sent it back and the chef apologized. He admitted the Swordfish should not be raw. The potatoes au gratin were inedible and they forgot to bring the salad. The food is overpriced and there must be a new chef or new ownership. But it was a MISERABLE meal.

        2. Check out Place Pigalle, hidden inside the Pike Place Market (behind Don and Joe's meat stand, near where the fish fly). They have several different fresh seafood selections of highest quality. Their mussels in a balsamic, mustard, bacon sauce are dreamy.

          1. Wasn't that impressed with Etta's. Nothing was truly outstanding and too many tourists. Cutter's is pretty good, but also not outstanding. Unfortunately, I never made it to Oceanaire while lived in Seattle. I was however, impressed with Flying Fish in Belltown. Thought they had a good selection & quality for the price.