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Chive ideas

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My chives finally all came in. They're even reseeding themselves, so I'll have more in the future. I never had them in the garden or used them before, so any ideas on how to use them?

I know they go into cream stuff to add flavor, and I guess I can just use them in sautes with green onions. Any other good ideas?


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  1. I love chives so I use them in most anything. Salads, salsa, burgers, anywhere you would use onion, I use chives.
    They grow right outside my living room window, so when it's nice out and I put a fan in the window, I use them as air freshener. :-)

    1. i agree with the poster above.


      salads, pastas, burgers, sauces, garnish anything beautifully.

      1. Some of my favorite things to do with chives are to scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives; potatos with chives (roasted, boiled, mashed, etc.); and I make chive butter, put it in my freezer.

        Also, if you live in the part of the country like I do where it snows, the chives can be found underneath the snow for use during the winter.

        1. I attended a very fancy tea on Saturday, and the caterer had long bunches of chives knoted once and used as garnishes on the platters of food which I had not seen before but liked the look of.

          Last weekend was our Block Party and I made about 50 stuffed eggs, I sprinkled about 1/4 cup of finely minced chives over the tops of the eggs.

          I also make herb butter with them and parsley, put it in the freezer and use it all winter.

          1. Mix them in with cottage cheese and let them blend for a day, in the refrig of course. They used to have it in the markets but I havn't seen it in years.

            1. belive it or not you can make soup from it

              This is a new and different recipe for soup. Try it, it's delicious.
              Cuisine International
              Main ingredients Chives, Potatoes, Milk, Sour cream
              Time of preparation 10 Minutes
              Time of cooking 50 Minutes
              Serving 5

              Ingredients 500 g Chives ,(1 bunch)
              500 g Potatoes ,(2 medium potatoes)
              2 tbsp Butter
              1 Chicken Stock Cubes ,disolved in 2 cup water
              1 cup Milk
              1 tbsp Sour Cream
              Salt and Pepper

              Directions 1. Peel potatoes and cut chives and potatoes into medium pieces.
              2. In a medium pan, heat and stir chives and butter for 2 minutes then add potatoes and cook for another 2 minutes.
              3. Add milk, chicken or meat broth, salt and pepper and cook for 25 minutes until vegetables become very soft. Remove and leave to cool for 10 minutes.
              4. Pour mixture in a blender and blend over medium speed until well mixed. Put back in pan, add sour cream then bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

              1. Instead of Scallion Pancakes, make Chive Pancakes. Load lots of them in there and you'll love them.

                1. And the blossoms are edible, if you are into that kind of thing.