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Sep 18, 2006 04:15 PM

Chowish Pub Crawl Suggestions

I am thinking of organizing a pub crawl in the Cambridge area (mostly Central and Inman Squares) ending at a good eating-type of bar. I know there are lots of new places since I moved to Dot over a year ago, and I was hoping people could make some suggestions. This would be for a group of about 10-20, nothing too fancy, and we'll be walking/crawling from place to place so hopefully I can keep it to a couple of miles of walking. If you are so inclined, feel free to sketch out what the whole crawl would look like. Thanks!

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  1. How about

    Thirsty Scholar > Druid > Bukowski's > Atwood's > B Side Lounge?

    1. old skool: The Celler -> Plough and Stars -> People's Republik -> Cantab -> The Field (has bare essentials food) -> Phoenix Landing (has typical but good pub food) what about Mary Chung's or one of the Indian restaurants?

      I advise staying away from the Asgard...we had a group of about the same amount and it was a disaster...

      1. This might be fancier than what you're looking for (more bar- than pub-crawl, cocktails than beer) but I've had a lot of success with Green Street > Central Kitchen > Rendezvous. They're all so close to each other and the food is excellent.

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          Yeah, I was thinking more Green St > Miracle of Science > Middle East/Zuzu and throwing in the Field for a drink only. Where's the Cambridgeport when you need it?

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            these are precisely the types of places i was thinking of. thanks, any others? isn't there another newish place in central square?

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              Middlesex is newer than the others, but has been there for a while. Definitely a drink place if you're not too late and have to stand in line. Enormous Room above Central Kitchen too. River Gods down on River St. That Tavern on the Square is okay, lots of TVs if you need sports. Rendezvous mentioned above is relatively new but not the place that first comes to my mind for a pub crawl. Could get a cocktail at Cuchi Cuchi, again not very "pub-like".

              1. re: Joanie

                fantastic, thanks! i guess i was using the term "pub crawl" loosely, though there is no aversion to one or two of those thrown into the mix.

          2. I think the food at the Druid is very underrated and reasonable. I went there for lunch with a friend last week and everything was great. We were given traditional soda bread while we waited; I had the chicken soup which was excellent (extremely fresh vegetables) and fish and chips (very thin batter and wrapped in newspaper) and my friend had the beef stew - which he liked. It reminds me of a poor man's Matt Murphy's and, in many ways, a better atmosphere and a more fun place to be.

            1. thirsty scholar-->bside-->central kitchen for dinner-->enormous room for after dinner drinks-->plough and stars to finish off the total inebriation... good mix of bar and food.