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Sep 18, 2006 04:07 PM

Non-French Onion Soup Recipes

I did a little search and came up with lots of old posts regarding onion soup. Unfortunately, I did't find any recipes that looked interesting or did not contain melted cheese.
Anyone have a good resource and/or recipe for onion soup (using homemade beef broth)?

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  1. If you're not averse to using red onions, do a search on epicurious for "red onion soup." There's a very simple recipe that, if you add a bit of red wine and a smidge of garlic to, is quite tasty. I made it last fall and it hit the spot.

    1. This is an easy recipe I've always had success with:

      Onion - ends cut off and peeled, cut in half if neccessary, enough to fill up your crockpot
      A stick of butter

      Put those two ingredients in a crock pot and let in cook over night on low heat. It's done when the onion has turned brown, tender and let out a good amount of broth. This will produce a wonderfully sweet, rich and concentrated onion broth. To mkae onion soup, all you have to do is take some of the onion broth along with the desired amount of cooked onion, add beef broth and seasonings (salt, pepper, thyme, etc.) to taste. You can also add some wine if you like.

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        A stick of butter?? For how many servings?

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          I have the same question! Anna...are you here?:)

      2. I love Vichyssoise. It uses leeks (a mild onion of course) and potatoes as main ingredients and is delicious. Easy to make too. Plenty of recipes on line but if you can't find one you like I'll get more serious and look mine up. Good luck.


        1. I make one that is made with carmelized onions and barley and you put a onion custard in the bowl before can always omit the custard; it is delicious! If you want the recipe I can post it or I think I got it from Bon Apetit so it should be on Epicurious.