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Sep 18, 2006 04:03 PM

Slocum House in Fair Oaks (Sacramento area) means slow coming food

Maybe it was bad night or their kitchen staff was understaffed, or their server wasn't fully trained, but my friend and I just had a terrible dining experience at Slowcome House.

To make a long story short, one hour and ten minutes after we were seated, we were just being served our soup and salad course, after we had already expresed our dissatisfaction at the very slow service and indicated our intent to leave. Before that, we had to ask about our starter course (after about 50 minutes), And earlier than that, we had asked for sparkling water and got tap. We were served hard bread, without butter, and had to ask for that. And the bread plates were cleared even before we were served our soup and salad. After getting the starter course and waiting some more for the soup and salad, we decided enough was enough and asked for our check. They then quickly came out with soup and salad, and the manager came over and apologized, and did not offer any comps for the inconvenience and ruined evening. And the food?
The shrimp bisque was way too peppery (too much cayenne?) and my friend didn't even touch the salad. The crab cakes, though, were very good, with nice firm lumps of crab meat without the overuse of bread crumbs as a filler.

Still, a ruined evening and a ruined reputation.

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  1. Wow...that is so sad. We have always gone there for my husbands birthday...but that was almost a year ago now. I wonder what is up? Is this the first time you dined there?

    If the manager had compensated in some way, would you go back?

    We may just re-think birthday dining ideas this year.


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      I've been frequenting Slccum House off and on since Paul Alexander (now at the Firehouse) was the head chef in the early 90's. And I actually enjoy the direction of the current menu with its asain cuisine influences in some of the selections.

      Unsure if I would go back, given the fine dining alternatives available (Waterboy, except it does not have the outdoor patio atmosphere, Biba's). Foodwise, maybe if someone posts a postive report on this board. Service-wise, very doubtful, Atmosphere, the outdoor patio with its rock amd water sculpture, that might be the main reason. however, with with its entrees ranging from $25 to $36 and starters from from $10 to $13, I will probably resort to use of an entertainment book coupon to hedge my bet. (No, we did not use a coupon this last outing>)

      If the manager had comped us in some way, I probably would have felt that he at least was was making an attempt to maintain goodwill. But, then again, his performance was par for the course for our evening at Slowcome House. It will forever maintain a place in our parables of dining horrors (because like your occations, it was a spacial event dinner and the server knew it).

    2. I forgot all about my experience at the Slow House this past Father's Day for a brunch with my son and his dad until I read your review. The story that day was that the kitchen staff and wait staff was new and didn't have much training. We were comped Mimosas or just straight champagne as the 10 am reservation time turned into finally dining at 11 and getting out of the restaurant after plenty of apologies from the water server all the way to head manager around 12:30. I can't even remember the food now, I have blocked the whole experience from my memory. Just say No, Thanks.