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Sep 18, 2006 04:00 PM

Cafe Boulud Lunch Recs

Going tomorrow for lunch. Any favorite dishes?

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  1. Well I'll do it myself. 2 amuse bouches of crab salad and fried rice balls with fennel were great. Always the traditionalist I had the foie gras (at least it's still legal in NYC) and the duck. Perfectly cooked. Mrs. GG also had the foie (of course) with an excellent goat cheese risotto. A bottle of 2000 Margaux nicely complimented the meal. Desserts were disappointing although saved by a basket of warm from the oven madeleines. Definitely a great place. The prix fixe options look like the greatest bargain in the city. I'll be baaaack.

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      Thanks for the report, GG. I've never done lunch at Cafe Boulud, but our dinners there have always been superb. I've had duck there several times. Prepared differently each time and always delish. Lamb also is always a winner. And those madeleines are scrumptious!

    2. Get the sweetbreads. Probably the freshest i have even tasted. They were amazing.