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Sep 18, 2006 03:46 PM

SF Chowhound needs help w/ Jasper, Banff, Calgary restaurants-what do u think of my picks? [Moved from Canada board]

I don't have a lot of meals out but these are what I have planned, 3 of us are going and want to keep cost under $20pp and casual, any type of food, my preference Greek and Chinese or anything good (but cheap and casual):

One dinner in Jasper-Wed:
recommended by chowhounds:

other picks thinking about:
Dine on the ribs and chicken combo ($11.55 U.S./$14.99 C) at Earl's in the Rockies

Earls in the Rockies is located in the heart of Jasper and a “must see” whenever you’re visiting. If all those hours of “ooing” and “aahing” our spectacular mountain scenery has left you hungry, welcome to Earls Jasper restaurant, the home of smiling faces; that easy-going Earls vibe; and a menu that’s second to none for flavourful freshness, from salads to steaks, from tried-and-true favourites, to edgy new fusion tastes. And who can resist earls appetizers and snacks, like Leroy’s Crispy Dry Ribs and Crab and White Cheddar Bake? (You’ll also appreciate the views from our Jasper restaurant dining room and patio. Simply spectacular.) Earls Jasper 600 Patricia Street-2nd Floor
Jasper, Alberta, T0E 1E0
Phone: 780.852.2393

or the curried pork chop plate ($13.80 U.S./$18 C) at Fiddle River Seafood Company. Hound said: "Our favourite is the Fiddle River Restaurant. Terrific seafood and interesting selections"
Fiddle River Seafood Company-
620 Connaught Dr, Jasper 780-852-3032

one Dinner in Banff Thur:
Silver Dragon Restaurant-3rd fl, Park Ave Mall, 211 Banff Ave Banff AB CA 1 403 762-3939
Pleasant decor with skylight and mountain view. Spring rolls, dumplings, black pepper chicken, Peking duck, beef hot pot. Lobster or crab (fresh from the tank) in ginger, black bean, or creamy butter sauce. Desserts--kiwi surprise and mango pudding. Patio in summer. Tables for groups. Entrees $11-$20. Take-out. 11:30 am-10 pm.

link from others:

one Lunch in Calgary-Sun:

Pegasus for Greek, darn it's closed for Sun lunch!:
Address: Corner of 14th St and 11 Ave SW
Phone # 229-1231
M-Th 11a-9:30p; F-Sa 5p-10p; Su 5p-9:30p
chowhounds recommended:

or Silver Dragon-salt & pepper squid
106 3 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2& 0B6, Canada
(403) 264-5326
(403) 262-1575

Other meals we'll cook ourselves getting supplies at Banff's Safeway.

Any must buys that I can't get in the SF Bay Area and I can take home with me food wise? We're flying in.

Thanks for any help in advance. I'll report back when I come back.

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  1. Jasper: For Greek, I'd go to Truffles and Trout, which has a new location just off the main street. They have Greek specialties as well as a ton of great, healthy, reasonably priced food. Also, the restaurant at the Tonquin has the best Greek salad in hold barred. There is also a Greek place for which the name escapes me across the street and down a bit from Truffles and Trout...not bad. I have to disagree with the original post about the L&W, we've eaten there many times and it's average at best and the service leave a lot to be desired. Jasper was a real landing spot for Greeks early on, so that might be the direction you want to go when there.

    Calgary: Another place we've been a lot! Last time we went to Aida's on 4th Street and it was the first time in AGES that I was completely satisfied with my was the rest of our party. Joyce on 4th is a good English Pub. Ichiban on MacLeod is great Sushi. There are a lot of great choices in Calgary.

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      Hey cupcaker! We changed the name of our shop. No longer Truffles and Trout. We are now CAFE MONDO. Thanks for the reveiw .

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        re: Jasper: I agree with cupcaker about L&W - spotty service, average meal, nothing special. I really like the menu at Something Else greek restaurant on Patricia in downtown Jasper. And I have had excellent meals at Fiddle River - great seafood, and I had some lovely lamb shanks there too. As for Earls - well Earls is a chain restaurant and while I don't generally like chain locations, Earls a good chain - I've always been impressed with their consistent good food. Because it's upstairs you do get a bit of a better view than some other restaurants.
        I would also recommend a night cap and dessert at Jasper Park Lodge in the Emerald Lounge - great ambiance and view in the main lodge, killer cafe presse, yummy chocolate fondue for two with walnut pound cake and fruit. The dinner menu is limited in the Lounge but quite good. Great place to relax and watch the sunset over the mountains and lake, and sit by a roaring fire, or stroll to the lakeside and listen to the geese and the loons.

      2. thanks cupcaker for the suggestions. We'll consider them.

        1. This is going to sound strange but you could do a lot worse and pay more for Greek food at other places than Opa! which is a mall food fair oultet. There is one in the Market Mall, Chinook and downtown. They used to have a spot on 14st by 17 ave sw but I see it's gone.

          1. CALGARY - River Cafe or Cilantro's. They both have great atmosphere's. Cilantro's for lunch is amazing and on the cheaper side.....i would go there in a heart beat!

            1. In Canmore, try Luna Blue. Fresh pastas and noodles. The menu changes several times a year.