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Sep 18, 2006 03:33 PM

Hudson Valley

I will be traveling to the Hudson Valley in a couple of weeks. In preparation, I have reviewed some past Chow posts. The following is a list of some of the more interesting candidates for meals. I would appreciate suggestions and comments based on recent experience.
Thanks to all responders in advance.

40 West
Stissing House
Calico Restaurant & Patisserie
Valley Restaurant at the Garrison
Round Tuit

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  1. Personally, I like Gigi over Terrapin. It's a few doors down to the right. Both are good (and Terrapin has a great selection of draft beers) but Gigi is a little nicer -- better decor, more upscale (but not pricier) and nicer food. They do very good pastas and have good specials.

    1. it's been over a year, but i was not impressed w/ terrapin. space is nice but food and service were mediocre.

      i did like 40 west. a bit more intimate and food was quite good.

      i did not make to gigi - but will next time!

      1. I have eaten at the garrison several times. The room is pretty. the restaurant has gotten good reviews but I think the food is overly fussy, precious and uneven

        1. I just ate at Stissing House last night. It was absolutely wonderful. The food and wine selections are excellent. And, it was closer to Rhinebeck than I thought (20 minutes). Reservations are a must--it was packed.

          I like Gigi's much better than Terrapin.

          Another good restaurant in Rhinebeck (relatively new) is Sabrosa's--Latin fusion cuisine. It's located on Garden St. across from the health food store.

          1. Just thought of another great restaurant in Rhinebeck: A Spot of Tea. It's located on the main road in the village across from the barber shop. Authentic British lunch and afternoon tea. Only serves dinner on the weekend (haven't been there for dinner but I think they change to a french menu then).