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Sep 18, 2006 03:13 PM

Pizza from Amelia's Kitchen

Got some surprisingly good Neapolitan-style pizza over the weekend from Amelia's Kitchen in Teele Squre.

IMO, the crust was the key: simple, crispy, and just slightly charred. Toppings were appropriately fresh and elemental. The margherita was a little light on fresh basil, but otherwise great, using a basic, fresh tomato sauce, and not too much fresh mozzarella. The wild mushroom (white) pizza was even better reheated the next day.

Only gripe: $12 and up for a personal-sized pizza is a little steep for the 'hood.

I know Amelia's has its detractors on this board, but I can't count myself as one of them. It was a pleasure to find some delicious, unpretentious Neapolitan pizza without having to make an event out of parking/getting to the North End.

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  1. I only went there once and told myself "never again".
    Not so much because of the mediocre food, which I can tolerate, but the environment.
    The door was open, which would be great except for the questionable characters who seem to be related or friends of the proprietors were smoking up a storm near the door. It was so gross that I couldn't even focus on the meal.
    It was all quite a bit on the trashy side in a bad way.

    1. Interesting. What food did you order?

      We did take-out, so I can't speak for or against said trashy environment, but our pizzas were decidedly north of mediocre.

      1. This is the thing. I can't even remember what I ordered. Some kind of pasta. All I can remember are the losers that were puffing like there was no tomorrow outside. Not my idea of a good time.