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Sep 18, 2006 02:59 PM

gift for a chef to be?

hi there - I'm geting married in 2 weeks and one of my best friends is being our unofficial wedding planner - he's going to the venue between the ceremony and reception to over see the caters and set up and most likely will have to deal with any emergencies.

He's just started chef training part time - while he keeps his office job for the time being - and he is such a foodie. I wanted to get him something he can use in his training or at home while he practises his new skills. Trouble is he has so much already and loves gadgets.

Is there anything you hounds can recommmend that has changed the way you work in the kitchen or that are perhaps a little more expensive and therefore it might be something he'd hesitate to buy for himself?

was thinking maybe a small le cresuet pot? or something else indulgent?

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  1. Carerra marble mortar and pestle from Biordi Imports in San Francisco. Hard to have too many mortar and pestles as long as they are made from different materials, different sizes, etc..

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      thanks for the tip - he has a marble one already but I did see a very beautiful one made of olive wood. Other than it being so beautiful is there a specific use for each kind of mortar and pestle? I'm thinking you couldn't do peppercorns or anything too hard in a wood one? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    2. kitchen aid mixer (depending on how much you want to spend), slap of marble for rolling dough, chocolate, etc., or you could get a bunch of different things - microplane, french rolling pin, silpat

      1. Some nice sea salts would be a good gift, or something that he could use with all of his gadgets while he's cooking. You could buy a few of those salt boxes, and fill each with an exotic salt. (We were just in Vancouver and there's a company that sells food products, including specialty salts... I bought my mom a Fig and Basil salt and my MIL a Cayenne and Chocolate sea salt.) Here's an example of a salt box: I saw a gorgeous olive wood one in Williams Sonoma, but it was pretty pricey.

        1. How about a personalized/monogramed chef's jacket and a pair of clogs in his size?

          Maybe a roll bag to carry his knives or a tool box to carry all his chef's tools?

          As far as equipment, people tend to be very picky about these things. Perhaps a nice gift certificate so he can choose his own?

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              Chefs coat is a great idea---also how about a mandoline, a great knife,saute pan, or braising casserole. Also great spices from Penzi's.