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Sep 18, 2006 02:30 PM

Help me chose where to ring in my 30s

I'm turning 30 (eek) next month and need to pick a restaurant to celebrate in with my parents and brother. I'm at a loss.

Everyone in my family is a big-eater and we really enjoy all kinds of great foods & restaurants, but my parents are a little wimpy about spicy-ness and I am a pescetarian so steakhouses and the like are out.

In the past we have really enjoyed Lupa and Artisanal, though we found them a little loud. I'm looking for something anywhere below 42nd Street in a similar price range where we can gorge and have a great time. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. A Voce - can get loud though
    AOC Bedford - v. quiet

    1. I am sure someone else will chime in, but Eleven Madison Park consistently gets great reviews. I also still love Union Square Cafe for almost timeless food.